selection by tags and categories works only until you move with google map

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    my web is designed by ListGo theme and now there is a problem with functionality.
    On the main page of my web is a half Google map and two possibilities of selection: tags and categories (and also distance, but it is not important). When I want to find some place according to selection, I check a one tag (or category) and Google map show me my listings, which are tagged by the one, that is mostly fine (it is not – some tags are showed also other listings from different tags and cathegories and I will be so happy if you know how also resolve this problem… but it is not the most problem) until I move with Google map (zoom in, zoom out) – when I move with map, the filters (tags or categories) are reseted. Please do you know where could be a problem? :confounded:

    Thank you very much!




    Hi @vonajevona, is this site hosted here with us? It sounds like it might not be because of the theme you’re asking about. It’s not supported in most of our plans.

    If you do have a Business or eCommerce plan, can you log out, and log back in with the upgrade owner’s account?

    If your site is hosted elsewhere, for this question I’d recommend getting in touch with support for your theme.

    Going forward, you’ll also want to use the correct forums for self-managed installations, at

    Or, you’d be welcome to migrate your site to our services. You can find our pricing here:


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