Sela Theme – Can't look like demo unless Premium?

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    I’m using a static front page with a title of “Home.” I do not want the word “Home” to be in the white box in the middle of my home page, but need to keep the page title as “Home” so that it shows up properly in the navigation. Is this only possible with a Premium account? I know that I can make the change by upgrading and using css, but it seems like (with a free theme) I should be able to replicate the demo, where the page title (“Home”) is not stuck being in the white box in the center of the page.

    If it’s not possible without going premium, then is there another way I can resolve this issue? Completely removing the title causes unwanted text in the navigation area.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    It’s totally possible to get your site looking like the demo without upgrading to Premium. :)

    To remove “Home,” select the Edit option within that white box and then remove the text from the title field in the editor. Save your changes once done.

    To ensure that the “Home” text remains in your menu, navigate to the Menus section of the Customizer:

    From here, select your Primary Menu and then click on “Home” to expand its options. You can edit the Navigation Label with any text that you wish to appear on the menu. Remember to save your changes once you’re done.

    Hope that’s helpful! Please don’t hesitate to let me know if anything extra comes up.


    Hi, I’ve just switched my existing blog to the Sela theme and trying to turn it into the Sela site demo. But I’m struggling with it, even though I’ve tried to follow the ‘demo’ instructions.

    The current ‘home’ page is my existing blog. I’d like to change that title to ‘blog’. Do I need to create a new page called Home (for static page) and then rename old home page as blog?

    Also, the ‘About Jenn’ has a scrollbar on the side and I don’t see how to remove the scrollbar, so it matches the ‘front page title goes here’ box on the demo.

    I’d very much appreciate some help. Thanks!

    My blog is



    Hi @whatabusiness,

    To recreate the demo site for Sela, you will need one page entitled “Blog” and another entitled “Home.” Via the Static Front Page panel of the Customizer, you should then set “Home” as your site’s static front page and “Blog” as the posts page.

    The following guidance gives more details on the steps for setting a static front page:

    The “Home” page also needs to have the Front Page template assigned to it. Currently, “About Jenn” has that template assigned to it, which is why you see a scroll bar there.

    You can find more information on assigning a page template here:

    For further questions: Please can you create a new thread on this forum? It’s easier for us to provide support if different questions are kept to separate threads. In addition, it will prevent this threads original poster from receiving unrelated email notifications.




    Thanks for the help! I was able to remove the “Home” title from the white box on the front page, and still keep listed correctly in the navigation.



    @kayrock82: Perfect! You know where to find us if any extra questions come up, too.

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