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    I added the words “FOR THESP: “to the front of the screenshot showing the passwords displaying



    I discovered a bug today in the shortcodes. They are not updating properly when pages are deleted or renamed. They keep references to old pages and bad links (some I never created so I dont know where they came from). That is why I added screenshots today. So far no luck getting WP to look into fixing these.


    On the password in Quick Edit, that is part of the WordPress core software, and I can’t remember if this was behind a dropdown or what before, but it’s nothing to worry about since you are the only one that can see that. No one else (unless you have made other users an admin on your site) can get to that quick edit section. Only you.


    Which Shortcodes? Where? I can’t investigate if I can’t look at an example of what you are talking about.



    Regarding passwords, they are an issue once an account is compromised – whether online or someone’s computer is logged in and online. I know these were better protected before as I do not recall seeing them. What happened? What did WP do? Why did they change this?

    The shortcodes are alll over the screenprints I uploaded. I don’t know why you say you cant see them. Maybe I am calling them the wrong thing. I am referring to the link that shortens the url for a page. They are the top of most screens. Are you not able to access my account and see the screenprints?


    Ah, the shortlinks. I’ve gone into the following pages in your admin dashboard and copied out the shortlinks for each and all of the ones I copied out take me to the intended page. You can click on the links below.

    Newborn Photography:
    Fine Art Prints:

    You have so many screenprints, and there isn’t any indication (arrow or box around things) to let me know what item on the screenprint you are talking about, so it’s difficult to tell what exactly in that screenprint you are talking about.

    If you rename a page, the shortlink is not automatically updated. The way this works is that when you click on that button, WordPress assigns a short URL to that particular full url and saves and links the two in the database. When you update a page name on a page that has been published, the short URL should still work unless you also change the permalink. Example: you edit and change this
    to this.
    The WordPress software does not monitor those shortlinks and change them if you change the URL. You have to click the shortlink button again and get the new shortlink for the modified full URL. and do not do that either. If you change a page url that you have created a shortlink on and posted used somewhere on your site or posted it somewhere on the web, then the original shortlink is broken. I don’t know of any such service that updates shortlinks automatically when a page url is changed.

    The same is true for a published page that Google has in their indexes. If you edit and change the full url of a page, Google doesn’t know that, so the original link in a Google search page would produce a 404 error and be reported in GA and Google Webmaster Tools. Once a page is published and has been for a day or more, it is best not to change the URL of that page.


    On the quick edits password issue, even if that were behind a dropdown or a link, all someone who had compromised your site would have to do is to click on that link. The password you enter has, for as long as I can remember, always been shown when you go to look at that section, either in the Publish section in the post/page editor, or in Quick Edit. If it was a series of dots, and you needed to see what the password was in the event you forgot the password for a particular post, you would not be able to see it. Again, typically only you as an admin can see that, and that is a good reason, in all instances, not only on WordPress, for you to be careful about your computer and who has access to it. I typically, even in my own home, will put my computer to sleep (requiring a password to wake it) whenever I leave my computer.



    Thank you for the information on the shortlinks. I am sure many users do not realize the Google issues they create when they rename pages and posts after beginning to learn more about SEO best practices. I do think it would be wise, however, for and to be on the forefront and build an algorithm to automatically update these so they stay in sync and dont create millions of pages of errors. It is not hard to do, especially when you first try and evolve your site over the years as I have.

    I do still have some security issues that I dont want to post here. I am bothered by some of the validation screens I posted. Is there a way to know if these odd links in the validation area and in the external links are normal or something to address?



    Just now I added a structured data screen with notes on the error in the description and caption “to wp support” – was going to fix these errors a while back but has not yet. Where they are coming from is in my footer, the map. I deleted the one that I had there and the errors disappeared so I know that is the widget. But in doing so I lost the api code and cant figure out how to get it back again on google. But that is not what is causing those errors since they were there when i had the proper api, fyi. Anyway, the hours and info widget creates these structured data errors. It asks for fields that dont actually exist when you use the widget. They need to remove whatever code is generating these fields with errors or add the proper coding to add the fields for users to add an image etc. Can you possibly let me know what the status of this fix is? Thank you in advance.


    Janice, on the structured data, I’m not seeing what they are referencing in the code on left, but given the nature of those two errors they are reporting, I would not worry about it.

    Monitoring literally tens of millions of sites here at for changes to shortlinks i would be a bit more resource intensive than what one might think. The shortlinks feature is part of WordPress core. If you wish, you can post the idea of monitoring and changing shortlinks when a URL is changed, at If the idea gets traction, it may well be worked into a future version of the software. On URL changes, it would be a nice feature, but what happens when the page or post is deleted? Then the link is again broken unless the software would simply default to sending the person to the home page of the site, which may or may not be where the owner would want them to go.

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