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    uh….just did again and have more screenshots….give me a moment to upload them to my media library.


    All themes here are html5, and Sela uses the <article> sectioning content tag for content within the pages, so an h1 within those is ok per the html5 standards (those would be “home”, “picture perfect” and “fantastic head shots”).



    I just added a screen shot that says “this is how a google user sees my page”…please look at the screens I just added.

    The article should be page content – text and images and image titles/categories of photography. But the footer content and testimonial titles are really minor attention getters, so to speak…there is a category for other types of content that is secondary in the html5 article you sent. I would think only page content and the content in the images would be appropriate for h1 and h2. Testimonial attention getting headers should really be h5 or 4 or something…imo…h1 seems not appropriate at all for a testimonial title. “Picture Perfect” is not the same as say “Scheduling a Session” or “Book Now” or “Services”



    My biggest issue is getting these errors and bugs fixed and getting the website to have hits per Google. The latest reports I just uploaded still show no data.


    You have so many screenshots I don’t know where to start.

    First off, there are tons of images and pages/posts that you have deleted recently. Those were indexed by Google, and when you delete them, the links still show up in Google searches and such, and if a person clicks on one of those links to a flie/post/page that you have deleted, they are going to get a 404 not found error. Google sees those broken links too and reports them to you in their reports. If you do nothing, it will take approximately 3 months for those to drop off of the Google indexes. You can go in and ask Google to remove those through Google Webmaster tools, but you have to do it one link at a time. Google does get cranky with broken links and if there are a lot, then they can downgrade your ranking and you will move further down in search results. Here is a quick list of broken links I put together working off of this Google Search: Janice D Nelson Photography | Lombard Illinois

    There isn’t anything we can do about these, it is up to you to use the Google URL removal tool. Here is a link to more information on permanently removing URLs from Google indexes.

    On the sitemap.xml link, that is the site index file provided by WordPress for the search engines to use as an aid for scraping and indexing your site. It is not meant for public viewing and has no styling. The page is created per web standards and formatted for search engines. See here for more on sitemap.xml.

    Google has publicly killed Pagerank, so no one will be able to view that anymore. There are still places that will display old values, or as in the case of webrankstat, show a 0 to everyone. I don’t know when all the pagerank sites on the web will be deleted, or if they ever will, but none of them can get actual pagerank information from Google anymore. Only Google can see that now, and it isn’t available through any of their tools for users.

    For Google Analytics to monitor a site, there has to be a Google Analytics tracking code put into your site, and that is only possible with the Business plan upgrade. They do not monitor sites without the tracking code in the head section of a site.



    Regarding the missing pages that I deleted, the story is this. When I first started using Sela, I created blog posts. But they looked terrible on this theme and, for some unknown reason, the blog content was not found by Google. So I added tags and categories. Later I learned they were not created in the way they are normally intended. They hurt the site, too. So all the writing and content didn’t help the site. I then created pages with the content and a blog page that they link to in the menu. I can find it. People can find the blogs and they read and look like I wanted them to display. I deleted the tags and categories since they were not right. Now I still have issues with the content helping the site, but one thing at a time. I went ahead and deleted the duplicate posts since that was hurting the site (the posts had the same content as the pages). I thought when Google reindexed the site it would resolve these kinds of errors. Evidently not. I cant say I fully understand how to get a blog post found on the sela theme by Google. That is still a mystery. But that was one big mess I resolved by deleting them and keeping the site clean.

    That said, there are pages I never created … ever. Isolated, but they are unknown pages and urls that are not related to the blog posts I deleted. For example, there is one associated with my login name. I have no idea where that came from.

    I have a tracking code that I have used for quite some time on my business page at Google. I know expects users to pay for throughput….analytics appearing on the .com dashboard, but there is no reason that should suddenly prevent analytics from monitoring what I build over on Google after I login there. Throughput, yes to the dashboard. I get that. requires a business account. But there is no reason Google should be telling me my site is getting “no hits.” That is different and a separate major problem that must get fixed. If I created a brand new blank site it would get more hits than the site I’ve worked on for years at (per Google). That is very odd and not normal at all. There is a crawl delay that should not be there (I believe).

    Thank you for the links. I hear what you are saying. I will have to manually delete the pages to get Google to release them, kind of. I will work on that ASAP. Thank you for the heads up. Hopefully that will help some, too.



    I just sent a request to remove the missing pages you referenced. I will make a note to send requests to remove any other odd and unknown pages I find that I didn’t create (ever). Thank you again for letting me know about the proper use of this removal tool.


    My audit log only goes back for a certain period of time, and it looks like your site has been around for about two years, so I can’t look at the earlier stuff. Did you perhaps import your content from another site in the beginning? That would be the only thing I could think for the pages that were coming up with 404. I have in the past seen pages that hang around on Google years after they have been deleted. I guess once in a while some slip through and do not get removed from their indexes. After five years, I still have one such page that shows up in Google that I’ve requested to have removed numerous times and finally gave up.

    On the h1 issue, I would not worry about that. The multiple h1’s that are showing up are within <article> tags, and that is perfectly alright per the html5 standards.



    I added two screens from this morning that reflect the site still has 0 organic results lately – for some unknown reason. Something is very odd and changed recently, so I can only conclude that WP is doing something or I have something set incorrectly. I’ve checked everything I can think of and have fixed the errors I can access. Do you know why the site suddenly is not being found and suddenly has no organic search hits?


    I would give this a week and see how things go. Keep checking on the 404 error pages to see when they disappear. Sometimes it can take a while for Google to get around to that depending on how busy their system is.Then in Webmaster tools at Google, ask them to re-index or fetch your site.

    What are the search terms that you are checking? Some of them I may not be able to check since I live in Hawaii, which is quite far away from the Chicago area.

    I took a look at your robots.txt file and it is all set to allow search engines full access (with the exception of admin area stuff), so there isn’t anything on our end preventing things. If you were coming up under a certain search, and now you are not, then that means that Google has made some sort of change to their indexes. It could have been the numerous 404 error pages they had in their indexes that triggered the change. Let’s see what happens when those disappear from the indexes.



    This actually started in November, a couple weeks ago – or at least that is when I noticed a significant change (from data to no data/no hits). I worked with WP in chat and they ID’d some errors they said they would fix. (Last I looked they had not been fixed.) They said, without owning up to anything, that my site should be indexing once again by Dec (today). I did request a reindexing a couple times this week after making corrections to my site, so that should have already begun. It is odd to me that I would have reporting tools at Google one day and then the next they report no hits, no organic traffic etc, like a faucet that had been turned off. I should mention, at the same time, when I logged in at WP one day, WP behaved oddly. I don’t recall the specifics, but there was something different that it did. I do recall being concerned and immediately changing my password and wondering what was happening at my site. Immediately after that I lost all google records of hits and traffic at analytics, not normal. Everyone should be able to create an account there and see data for their site.

    Thank you for checking the robots.txt file. If you see any other corrections or changes I need to make, please do let me know.

    Thank you again very much for your help. At the moment I am wondering if it is possible for any user to achieve a #1 ranking at Google or if everyone needs to abandon to do that (what people tell me). To me, that is not right if that is the case. It should be possible both ways. should not engage in any behavior or have policies that prevent user’s sites from ranking #1 – assuming all else is built correctly. I am wondering what your opinion on this is. I know access is greater at .org but that should not limit a site from appearing on the first one or two pages of Google results from a search. I am a headshot, portrait, fine art, and commercial photographer. Searching for those terms are what matters most. I am ranking for keywords – 30, but not high enough to be on the first couple pages of results. But that still should mean I come up in results. No hits. No organic results for weeks. Thats a problem for a site that has been optimized with this theme to the max (as far as I can tell). Again, additional suggestions on what I need to do are always appreciated.



    I just found a client login page that is missing images and the password protection was removed. I added it back and checked the others. I dont recall it being a normal state for all the passwords to display as text! What the heck happened to the password protection at these sites…??????? I know I am logged in but when I view the pages I don’t recall each of them displaying as text!


    Which page is the one displaying the password as text and I’ll check it and see if that happens for me as well?



    All of them! If you login and go to wpadmin. Then click pages, they will list (as you know, of course). just glancing at each page after client login in that view, all of them displayed the text version of the password. I’ll add a screenshot to the library….give me a moment.



    I added it. I usually had to edit the page and in the right side actually click on the link for the password to that page before the text would display. I don’t recall seeing the text versions of all pages in the quick views…



    New, hopefully easy question…I want to have a transparent overlay, not white overlay. I would like the text however to be visible, perhaps white or the same color as the base font (TBD).

    Option 2 I’d like to try is the text under the featured image in a one column format. I am going to add a screenshot that I’d like to try. It will change the other images on the page I realize. I haven’t figured out what I want to do with those yet.



    Re finding the blogs issue:
    I added a screenshot – I am using a static page on the Sela theme, as you know. I created two pages, one is the Home Page and one is the Blog PAGE (not a post page called Blog), but I dont seem to be able to attach the BLOG PAGE to the link so that this theme knows I DO indeed have blogs. (And this problem is supported because all the various SEO tools say I dont have blogs). It seems to me there has got to be a way to just tell this theme that the blog page (“Blogs” which is a page) is actually the main menu for were the various blogs pages and topics are. Yet each time I try to link it to my “Blogs” page, it changes to the blank default post page vs my blog page. I find this odd since my blog page is indeed the “parent” for each of the blog pages as shown in the menu structure that appears. Is there a way to tell this theme where my blog pages are? The posts were never found when I tried using posts, as I mentioned earlier. Also the posts look terrible in this theme, so I want to keep the pages. I’d just like Sela to know where the menu page is for my blogs.



    Issue 3: Yandex webmaster validation issue
    I saw something in one of the SEO reports lately that mentioned an issue with yandex validation. (I had not heard of or ever used yandex except to validate the website.) After some trouble logging in, I was taken to a profile with settings I did not make. I fixed what I could but then when I tried to find the site on validation for the website, I get a robots error, a screen in another language, and other screens I don’t understand. I tried updating the sitemap, but received many errors. I added a set of four screens to the library for this issue and numbered them one to four.

    I also tried entering a correct email to be notified from Yandex of error messages and was not able to enter any of my email addresses. Something seems odd to me but it might be because I am unfamiliar with the site, other than for validation.

    Thank you in advance.


    On the password, when I enter one on one of your password protected pages, this is what I see:

    I looked in your media library for a screenshot of the password showing, and couldn’t find it. Can you get the URL of that and post it here?

    If you are talking about in Quickview within the dashboard for the password showing in plain text, only you and other admins would be able to see that. Quickview, as far as I can remember has always shown the password in plain text.


    You have so many screenshots that it is taking me a very long time to look through all of them in order to find what you are talking about. Can you please post URLs of those images to save me time and allow me to respond more quickly?

    On Yandex, I would suggest contacting them. I’m not seeing anything in the robots.txt file that would be blocking them.

    For a page to be considered a “blog” page, you have to set that page as the Posts page at Customize > Homepage Setting. You can then add that page to the custom menu where you wish it to be.

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