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    In the Sela theme, is there a way to make a text widget on the front page span the full width of the page? I have already increased the size of the images, removed the overlay text which was not being properly read by Google, and added a text widget instead. But now I want the text at the bottom (the only place I could get it to span the width of the page) to move to be the first text widget under the featured image. That is, in the first position spanning the whole page. is the site I need help with. Thank you in advance.

    Also, the theme has lots of incorrect h1 heading tags – the testimonial headers for example to name just one. Is there a way to fix the incorrect tags embedded in odd places all over on the page?

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi @wponenew, on the text widget, I don’t see a way to do that cleanly since it would have to be put into one of the top widget areas. On of those areas could be made to span the full width, but then anything else in that widget area would span the full width also, so it would have to have only the text widget.

    We can use position: absolute; to move a widget from, say, the footer widget area and then adjust the style of that widget to be full width, but when we do that, the widget loses it’s relationship to the other elements in the page and basically floats free and with a responsive design, such as Sela, the header area changes height as the screen/window width changes, so we can’t position something below the featured image and have it adjust it’s position in relation to the other elements without requiring a whole lot of media queries to try and keep it in place.

    Can you list the other places that you think the h1 should not be used? I’ve put in a ticket on the Testimonial titles and I can add the others to that as well so that our developers can take a look and discuss things.



    Hi Thesacredpath! Thank you for responding.

    That’s what I thought, but I didn’t want to align it with the featured image but the widgets…so I placed it below the last one. It is yet another work around for this buggy but gorgeous theme.

    I’ve added three screenprints to my media library that list all the places there are goofy h1s….5…
    I’ve tried manually changing the title levels, but that doesn’t remove the h1s that are still there.
    Also, I tried to remove the overlay since that text does not seem to get found with heading titles anywhere.
    Am having an issue in that my site is no longer receiving any hits from Google. That is what Google Analytics is reporting….am trying to fix all the errors that I can in this theme.



    The theme is also generating pages with underbars. I’ve gone into each page and tried updating it manually…like the area near the short link, and that removed several of the errors but not all. I added that screenprint too.


    @wponenew, I’m looking all this over now and will respond once I have digested all of it. I’ll also get our developers involved as well for their input on this.

    I’m having problems finding the following anywhere on your site searching in the HTML. Can you give me links to the pages where these are?

    Janice D Nelson Photography | Lombard Illinois

    Greater Chicago Photographer | Janice D Nelson Photography


    On the underbars, can you point me to a location where one of these are so that I can see what is going on?



    That’s just it. I have the same issue.

    I am getting different errors (underbars…unknown links…) on SEO tools/reports for some things I cant find (or then fix) on my site anywhere. I fixed errors I could find, but am left with quite a few from who knows where.

    I have another screenprint I am adding in a moment from a “URL at my site” (allegedly) that doesnt exist that I can see, but links to several pages and then produces errors from those links. I’ve tried removing the errors generated at google console but they come back.

    I have a 3600 delay I can’t get rid of and other errors on the back end that should have been fixed by WP. (See a communication a couple people back.)

    I have screenprints from the various seo tools, but cant find these to fix them.

    I am so frustrated because this is hurting SEO terribly…Let me add the other screen. I’ll be back here in a moment…



    I added quite a few screens, some from different sources show similar things like pages that dont exist as best I can tell but which produce errors. And title tags that shouldnt be titles IMO (follow, member, etc.) that come from the widgets.

    I added some titles to the one text widget and some of the photography examples. And I originally had ” | Lombard IL” but took that off trying to fix the multiple h1s. I could not find where some of this was coming from.



    A related question, is there a way, …. if I were to pick another theme … that these are rated for their bugginess and ability to generate good, solid accurate SEO. Are themes rated anywhere like this to help users better pick their themes. I love the design of Sela, but there are so many issues with it that I find I am trying to fix my website over and over, by trial and error (since I am premium but not business).



    …I am trying to understand what the “best fix” might look like – correcting this theme which I love the look of (and have spent a lot of time building)… or switching to ONLY because withholds access from premium users to fix bugs in the templates and root level files (and they didn’t fix so far the errors they owned up to identified in the structured data file, for example).


    @wponenew, this would not be the first time that GA finds stuff that simply isn’t in any of the HTML on a site.

    If I type your name into Google, you come up #1. If I type in Janice D Nelson Photography, you come up #1, if I type in lombard illinois photographer you come up #4, if I type in lombard illinois wedding photographer, you come up #6.

    You are coming up high in google search indexes, so I don’t think there is really an issue.

    You might want to try a few other searches for yourself since you would have a better idea of what phrases you wish to see bring people to your site.

    I’m checking to see if one of out developers can search the database tables for your site to see if they can find the two I mentioned above somewhere.



    I come up rapidly because those are direct searches for me, so of course I will. But the issue is when people search for “photographers near me” “modeling photographers near me” “chicago photographers” “headshot photographers” “portrait photographers”….

    If you look at several of the screens I uploaded you will see I have 0 hits. One in fact says the site is not being read (paraphrasing) at all by google, so when people do generic searches for photographers – where the greatest opportunity is – the website isn’t coming up. Direct searches don’t count because of course someone’s site will come up by name.



    Mainly I am trying to get rid of all the errors and things the various tools say I need to fix. They all say my site isn’t being found on google. And the theme has many bugs producing some of the errors. The title errors are or should be an easy fix. The footer error with the logo only and the structured data error WP was to fix a few weeks ago. The unknown pages with underbars instead of dashes are another.



    The unknown user page with my login as a page title that is referenced by several other pages is yet another.


    On the multiple h1’s in websites and themes, you may want to read through this:–webdesign-16824


    The above is a long and very detailed document and may cause your eyes to cross. I know it did for me.



    Thank you for the link. I’ve read most of it (skimmed) and saved the link as reference. However, even considering what this article is saying, what is marked as titles still should make sense for the page. This theme is marking titles for everything everywhere up and down the page. Follow doesn’t need to be a content title. Per this article it would be navigation. Member is not a title. There are duplicate titles and headings and from what I can tell, it is not generating html markup consistently. The home page area where people type content doesn’t even register anywhere (other than on the original overlay which is not properly addressed by google as valid content from what I see. (That’s why I ended up making a text widget. The titles in the text widget I created were read by google. However they were additional titles and the other odd titles and some from who knows where (the | Chicago one I can’t find either).

    Its a good read though that you gave me. I will study and work to digest it. Does the sela theme use html5 or some earlier version. Or perhaps I should ask, which it is supposed to use…?



    I don’t think whatever it is using is being applied consistently or read well by Google. Like I said, I know there are things I need to fix, but I have to find them and be able to get at them to do this. A couple of the screen prints that show the site not getting hits at all by Google is troubling. And if you look at my site stats, most of what you see is me (or direct clients I’ve given the site url to), not visitors from search. And comparatively, nearly all others in my profession have sites getting hits while this site gets none. Something is not right.


    Looking through the audit log for your site, I see you have deleted a lot of content recently. It will take the search engines some time to catch up to all those deletions and remove the links from their indexes (which will return 404 errors for some time). That can have an affect on things. It could be that the two h1 issues I asked for links to above are on pages that have been deleted.

    I put the following into the Google search bar to try and find “Greater Chicago Photographer | Janice D Nelson Photography”. Greater Chicago Photographer | Janice D Nelson Photography
    What I found is that in the first two pages (20 items), only 3 still exist. All the others are returning 404 not found errors when I clicked on them (they were deleted on your site).

    With so many changes, I would suggest that you ask Google to reindex your site. This would be the sitemap for your site. It is dynamic and continually updated as you add and remove things from your site:

    There is more information here on how to do this.



    I have. I just did again yesterday and a couple days prior…
    But some of the things found in the screenshots never existed at all. There was no page with my login name for example (artist/”….”) yet it is referenced and linked as causing errors.

    On the titles, even the testimonial labels have titles, something like h1 or h2s. It would make sense to me if they were h5, h6 or something, even h4, but not h1 “picture perfect” as one example.

    Also, the template, when I click on testimonials they don’t appear, yet when I go to this other part in the menu on the side in admin, under testimonials they are there. Its odd. I am not sure they are working properly.

    The only place I recently noticed html5 was in a couple new widgets on the home page. But the fact the entire content area in the overlay isn’t read with its headings is odd. I frequently see recommendations like to move render blocking css java not above the fold…what ever that means. I know it is talking about a sequence it is not happy with. I am not sure if the css is not formatted properly or in order or what. I may have added some code out of sequence…

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