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    Not very clear, sorry. Let me try to explain that better.

    It would be nice to have some way of seeing at a glance who is following you at the same time you see who you’re following.

    For instance, I visit a blog that I’m following. In the admin strip, it says ‘following’. Could there not be a small icon next to it to indicate whether that person is following me back or not?

    Also, could we have some central page (unless there is one I’ve somehow missed) where all the people we follow show up alongside whether or not we follow them.

    This is just an idea. In the ideas forum. Hopefully someone (on staff) will see the sense in it.

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)


    Ooooo. I agree with you, that is a good idea!


    So you want a “Is Follower” icon next to the “Following” icon? That makes sense actually. Would this only work on blogs hosted on


    Hello absurdoldbird,

    Are you aware you can view your followers via this link!/my-stats/?blog_subscribers

    You can get to this link by visiting the stats page at the very bottom while viewing in “all stats” view which can be achieved by clicking the view all button via the stats widget within your dashboard.

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    Hi sL1k – yes, I’m aware of that page. However, what I am suggesting is a way to see whether a blog one is following is following one back, with that information in the same place. And it seems to me that the simplest way of doing that is having an indicator of some sort next to the follow link in the admin bar.

    An alternative would be a separate page (or a variation of the one you gave a link to) on which one can see this information instantly.

    It really would be helpful.

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    @goldhatmg – these forums are only for blogs, so I don’t know if the variation would have to be created here first or on

    You might like to read this:


    I think it exists…

    When logged in, go to the main page, and click on the notifications tab, then click on “Follows” in the left hand column.

    Click on the little + sign next to where it says, “Blah blah and so many others followed blog name…”

    It shows me a list of who is following me, and if I am following them. :-)

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    Er, that page shows the latest nine or ten people who are following ones blog, plus if one’s following them. Then there’s a link to the full list on the stats page which doesn’t have these details.

    I follow a lot of blogs as I’m sure many other people do too, and I cannot remember everyone who is following me back when I visit their blogs. So… back to the original idea I posted here.


    You’re not so absurd after all, whether you’re an old bird or not I don’t know but I agree with everything you’ve said so far, I understand it perfectly and hope that the powers that be will instigate your proposal to the benefit of all bloggers

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