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    I received a notice from you stating that someone logged into my account with an email login link. I am sorry for being so stupid but I don’t have any idea how this could of happened or if it even did. And I really don’t even understand what the heck any of this means except that I have email. But what is an email log in link? And what does any of this notice mean Please. Thank you for your time. Barb.


    Hello Barb, I have added modlook tag for the Staff assistance on this. In the meantime, please do not click any link on the email until it’s confirmed the email is from

    Thank you for your patience.



    Hi @cheddiepaws,

    An email log in link, sometimes also called a magic link. Is a link that can be sent to the email inbox on your account allowing you to log into your without using a password. Our records show that a link was sent and used to the address on your account about 1 week ago.

    If you do not remember clicking a link and being logged into your account you may want to change your email password for good measure.

    I do see your password was updated a day ago, hopefully by you. If it wasn’t updated by you, you may want to update it as well.

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