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    hey :)

    recently i noticed that 3 of my scheduled posts for 7 pm in the evening, have actually gone at about 11pm or (yesterday) 11.30 at night instead, can you help me work out what the issue might be?


    The blog I need help with is



    As mentioned on the Schedule a Post support page

    Scheduled posts will be triggered by the first visit to your blog on or after the exact date/time you set.

    Also on the afore mentioned page there are listed a few things to check when troubleshooting scheduled post issues.




    hey, thanks for the response, although this has left me a little confused,

    the support page also says ‘You can schedule blog posts to automatically publish themselves at any time in the future’ – but this isn’t entirely true is it if the post does not get triggered till someone visits the blog,

    the whole point (for me) of my scheduling posts (twitter, facebook, tumblr etc) is to get people to my post not the other way round (its like the chicken and the egg thing)

    so what is the point of scheduling then? that one day someone might visit my blog and this triggers the scheduling? what if no one visits my blog that day or week the post is not triggered?

    any chance of the trigger for the post being the actual scheduling?

    thanks, Dax




    today i received a ‘rate your support’ email, am not sure the issue i am having has been resolved yet.

    i had a post scheduled to go out from one of my blogs at 7 pm (UK time) yesterday, it actually went out at 5.40 am (to twitter) which is no use to me at all

    can you please help me resolve this issue? thanks



    Hey Dax, I understand chicken/egg metaphor completely! Since, we do need to keep this triggering system in place for the time being, I have a little trick for you. If you log out of your account and visit your website, it counts as a “trigger.” You can do this before your next scheduled Post publishes.

    To address the last post you had scheduled, I’d like to take a look at the way you set up one of these Posts. Could you please create a new one, and let me know when it’s prepared and saved? I’ll take a look once I hear form you. It could either be a Post you’d like to publish in the near future, or a dummy-Post scheduled many months in advance that we can delete after I take a look. I’d prefer you choose the former option, so we can make sure the Post launches on time.

    Now, before you set up that post, could you confirm that the time/date settings are correct on your site. Visit Settings → General to set that up. Additionally, it would be terrific if you could make sure that your time/date settings are set up the same way on your computer.

    We’ll get to the bottom of this. I appreciate you patience. Looking forward to hearing from you.




    thanks for getting back to me. OK have chosen a scheduled post on one of my blogs as a test, its this one (does this link work for you?) on 15th may at 7 pm (Paris, France time)

    would you prefer something sooner?

    just to clarify regarding the trigger of the scheduled post, this logging out and visiting the blog how long can it be done to trigger the scheduled blog? a week? a month?

    i have a number of blogs with scheduled posts (am planning years ahead at the moment) so am just trying to work out how i can make this additional triggering as easy for me as possible or if it will be easier just to publish the posts at the allotted time instead, as the post scheduling is not quite what i thought it was going to be

    thanks, dax



    Hey Dax! This looks perfect. I wanted to make certain that you hadn’t saved your Post as a Draft before scheduling it.

    The date of the post is totally fine. We will have to wait until the 15th, of course, to make sure all works properly.

    If the Post doesn’t go out on May 15 at 7 PM in Paris, instead of logging on and Publishing it, please visit your site (logged out of and see if that makes the Post public. I have subscribed to your blog, so I will be notified when the Post goes out. Let’s touch based the moment the Post is published.

    I read earlier in this thread that you had an odd experience with Twitter as well. I took a look at your Publicize settings, and see that Twitter, Facebook, Google +, etc, are not configured on your site. Did you disconnect them? If so, reconnect so your blog posts Publicize automatically to you social networking sites.

    Here are the details on Publicize:

    Just to make certain that everything is set up setting-wise, will you take a look at your Twitter account and confirm your time zone is correct:

    You should do the same for Facebook, and any other social networking site to which you connect your blog.

    Please email me on May 16th and let’s confirm that things worked well for you. I’ll be watching for your next post. Many thanks!



    hey, thanks for the response

    i have checked and this end all connections for this blog ( seem fine to me, i only have 2 connections for this blog (twitter/ facebook) and when i check them out in settings the connections appear to be fine – so not sure what else i can do about that – unless i am not seeing something you are

    i have about 8 blogs that i am writing to and scheduling the posts for the future, not all of them will go to every other site, but all should go to twitter at least

    having had a quick look through twitter only 1 of the blogs is being sent at the correct time (to twitter) the others are either 2 or more hours later

    i have changed the timezone in twitter to France, after looking around i found that you can’t change the timezone in Facebook as it ‘sinks in to your computers time settings’ which mine is set to France

    i did a trail run this evening and scheduled a post for it was set for 7 pm (French time) but seemed to go at 8.53 pm to twitter

    anyway, i guess the post on the 15th May will help sort this out

    thanks, dax



    Hi Dax!

    Thanks for clarifying, I wasn’t looking at the Publicize settings for I see those live connections now.

    i did a trail run this evening and scheduled a post for it was set for 7 pm (French time) but seemed to go at 8.53 pm to twitter

    Do you have any indication what time the Post went out to your followers? If you are subscribed to your own site, you can take a look at the time stamp on the notification email.

    Have you ever manually published a blog post? And if so, did it publish immediately to Twitter?

    You’re right — the 15th should shed some light on these issues. Please do touch base before then if you discover anything new. Many thanks!



    hello again,

    ok the scheduled post did not go at the right time, an hour later i went to a computer that was logged out of wordpress and hey presto the scheduled post popped up on twitter straight away

    yesterday i scheduled another post on a different blog and that did go on its own, even though it was an hour late

    i am finding this very inconsistent and unsure if the time i am taking to schedule posts is actually worth it. i do not have this issue with hootsuite – posts go when they are scheduled for – so is it just me with wordpress? or is there an actual issue that could be fixed?

    also, as i mentioned i have several blogs (all fitting into the one stream ‘space dogs radio’) if, as was mentioned before, the scheduled posts need to be triggered – is it for each blog or the main one (if this makes sense) if i have to trigger every blog before they are due – i think i will give up on schedhuling in wordpress – which would be a shame as in theory its a great tool

    thanks – dax :)



    Hello again Dax! I wish I had the perfect solution for you, but it might be that’s Post scheduler doesn’t offer the precision you need. Our scheduler is based on a site’s traffic, and if that doesn’t suit you, an alternative may be in order. I’m wondering if you might be better served by self-hosting a WordPress site, if a down-to-the-minute scheduler is vital to the functionality of your site. Have you ever looked into this option?

    The link below outlines the differences between and self-hosting via

    For more documentation about self-hosted/installed versions of WordPress take a look at:

    I hope this suggestion helps. Let me know if you have any questions. Best wishes to you.



    hello again :)

    i don’t understand this, i am not looking for absolute precision, i am only trying to use a tool wordpress offers; ‘You can schedule blog posts to automatically publish themselves at any time in the future’

    if this is not what scheduling does and only works thru a ‘sites traffic’ i am really confused as what is the point of scheduling posts is then – and perhaps wordpress should change that text and make it clear how scheduling actually works, as quite frankly i have no idea at the moment

    i give up

    thanks anyway, dax



    Hi there Dax — I certainly don’t want to chase you off of! I simply wanted to offer you a solution where your scheduled posts aren’t dependent on traffic. I can understand how this wouldn’t work for you, based on your project and the number of posts that you plan ahead of time. It sounded like a major concern for you, and since I’m not able to make the scheduling process smoother for you, I thought using a plugin on a self-hosted site might do the trick.

    As scheduling is vital to the functionality of your site, I highly recommend adding your issue to our Ideas forum. It’s important for our staff to know what is important to our users. We want to keep improving our products to make you happy.

    Here is the link to that forum:

    I will keep in touch if I hear of development or changes in this area. Thank for your patience. Please do let me know if I can help with anything else. All the best!



    hello :)

    well, interestingly after following a couple of links i found this thread

    which basically shows me that the schedule posts on wordpress is probably not for me as

    “The only way to publish a post on schedule without an action trigger (like a visit) would be to run an active cron job on all 19 million blogs every minute, which would translate into either constantly crashing servers or no more free blogs”

    so if you want to ensure scheduled posts are going out then you have to remember to visit the website to ensure this happens (unless you have another visitor around or after that time), which for me kind of defeats the whole scheduled post things as is more of a ‘well it might happen if you are lucky – or remember – or have internet connection – or are not busy’ :)

    at least i know now – so i think i will have to stop scheduling on wordpress and use a combination of mixcloud and hootsuite for scheduled posts and wordpress for the main host and perhaps trimming down some of my blogs – shame really as i was hoping to simply my life :)

    thanks – dax



    Thanks for the follow up Dax. I was really hoping to create a perfect solution that would make life simpler for you. :) I am wishing you all the best of luck with your mixcloud/hootsuite combo. Sounds like the best plan right now. Thank you!

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