RSS Feed isn’t displayed correctly under Firefox

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    When I click on the small RSS-Symbol in the address bar of my browser (or if I access the site through my feedburner account or access the blog directly through the /feed address) I don’t see the entries of my blog listed. I only see the “Add Feed”-Box by Firefox and the title of my blog, below that, the page is just blank. Here’s the address of my blog:

    The strange thing ist that if I view the site’s source code, all the info is there it’s just not getting displayed. It get’s displayed perfectly well in IE. Then, I still can add the feed to my Google Reader Feedreader or to the bookmarks, that still works. I just don’t get it displayed, when I access it directly – so it’s not too bad, since people can still add the feed to their bookmarks.

    Can anybody replicate my problem or is it a problem with my browser (Firefox 3.5.7)? If so, what can I do to fix it?

    Thanks for any help!


    The blog I need help with is:



    I clicked on your icon on your blog and the page did not load but the feed link you posted here in the thread works ok, all entries are visible

    Try removing the icon from your blog and adding it again?



    I’m getting the same thing on your blog as you are felixbloggt. Using FF 3.5.7 as well, but don’t have this problem either in my blog or lolavibe’s blog.

    I also checked out some other blogs in German and the feed shows up correctly if you click on the feed icon in the FF address bar. ?


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    Thanks for the quick responses. Strangely the feedburner feed now does work for me, too. The other problem remains, though. Ah well and I cleared my browser cache, too <= no results. If the problem is still there tomorrow, I’m gonna try the support…


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    Answered & fixed by support:


    There was a call to an image with an invalid path in your RSS feed; it’s been removed and the feed should render (and validate!) properly now.

    Ryan M. | Automattic

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