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    Hello, I am desperately trying to link my blog feed from here to my godaddy hosted website via the website builder on their site. I have spoken with one of their help representatives and he was unable to solve the problem and said I just needed my RSS code to my blog. Well, he gave me 5 different option, none of which worked, and I found a few, none of which worked. So I was hoping someone out here in cyber space has had the same issue and found a solution?

    The blog I need help with is



    Would you like to actually tell us the issue, the solutions you have tried, and what happened when you tried them?

    Your feed is at


    HI, I’m having a similar problem linking my blog to a web forum. See my posting:

    Having looked for solutions for three days now, it seems a fairly common symptom/recurrent problem and rarely is a solution reported. It might just be that resolved cases are not publicised very well.

    But I think ICBB you’ll need to provide similar details to those that I have included in my post if somebody is to help you.

    Good luck. :-)



    OMG!!!!! That actually worked. Thank you so so so much!



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