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    Hi. As of today, the “Request Feedback” button is no longer visible in the “Writing Helper” section on the (“old, unimproved”) editor page. Any suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is riojoeshow.com.


    Yes, it has disappeared from my dashboard too. For good or temporarily? The support documents haven’t been updated/deleted yet though.



    Hi there,

    That feature has been retired. Feedback links that have already been created will still work, but it’s not possible to create any new ones.

    As an alternative option to collaborate with others before publishing a post, you can take a look at the Google Docs integration we launched last year. You create your post in Google Docs and can get feedback there, and when ready, export it to your site as a draft post where you can make final tweaks before publishing.




    Hi Kokkieh
    Not happy with that answer. This feature was simple and has been working for a long time, co-writers, editors etc…are used to it.
    Demanding to change everybody’s habit is not fair. Moving to a Google environment will be another nighmare until everybody in the team get used to it.
    Not happy at all with that.



    I can totally understand. @kokkieh wasn’t trying to demand you change anything, but offering an alternative. The problem was there were just too few people using the Feedback Request feature to make continuing maintenance feasible.



    @kokkieh and @tsp And yet features like post locking and request feedback are useful for multi-author sites, and the evidence points to multi-author sites being longer lived than single author sites (thank you data team). Just my 2ยข



    @justjennifer, they might be useful, but the data also shows almost no one were using this particular feature. Our developers need to prioritise what features they spend time on to maintain, and this feature did not make the cut.



    It is not fair to retire a feature we use frequently.



    We’re passing that feedback along, folks. Thank you!



    A great loss. Another vote here for its restoration please.

    Our only option is making posts live and then amending them, which is far less professional. Not everyone is interested in/able to be signing up as a contributor to access something before others can see it.



    You found the killing words: non professional !
    My workaround is to create a non public mirror site, but managing this is time consuming and not professional vis a vis authors.



    Good morning everybody.
    I used this possibility to improve my posts.
    I strongly regret that staff decision.


    Just thought I’d add that we are not happy either that this feature is gone. Are we being forced to upgrade to a plan that allows Share Drafts plugins?



    Can be very frustrating that the “plugin block” is becoming more and more prevalent. It’s frustrating when reasonable features require a very expensive upgrade to obtain. Although there’s sadly no plans to make plugins available for other plans (https://twitter.com/wordpressdotcom/status/1016463266137235456), this is a vote for me to return/add features which many use, such as Request Feedback, or at least offer an alternative plugin for everybody.


    Add my voice to the chorus looking for the return of Request Feedback. A crucial function for those of us who have to run content past managers etc who are not tech-savvy.



    Thanks folks. We appreciate the feedback. For anyone who is willing to give more detailed feedback, I’d love to take it to our designers and developers.

    What was your typical workflow with the feedback tool?

    How often did you use it?

    What made this better than other alternatives?

    Was there anything about this tool that would have made it better?

    I can’t make any promises on products that could come from it, but I can promise I will make sure your feedback is heard.

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    I may have used it only once a month, but for my client and I, the feedback request was indispensable. In the absence of it today, I sent him an email with the draft, and completely forgot to include the title of the article, the image, and the tags. Having everything draft related all in one place is what is necessary.

    Alternatives? There are none, unless you use a plugin. The alternative that was mentioned by WordPress (Google) is not viable. I started reading how it works, and I gave up. Too much trouble for me, so I know it will be for my client.

    I don’t recall my ever thinking that the tool could be improved. I use similar tools on wordpress.org sites and when you need them, you need them.



    Thanks, @mercuryerrands, I’ll actually add “How often did you use it?” to our list of questions too. That is good to know.



    They just want to force us to use this lame Google Docs integration cause they probably paid a lot to get that working and after a year probably nobody used it. Now they’re removing features (that don’t require anyone to log into Google) to force us to use the features nobody we don’t want. What a crock. Now I’ve got to screenshot my preview page and send it to someone if I want them to proof it (which I usually do want).



    Hi @metalchris,

    That’s not the case. We don’t force anyone into using Google Docs. It’s an option that existed since last year and @kokkieh just offered it as an alternative.

    Thank you for your feedback and I’ll assure you that it will be passed on to our developers.

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