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    The Dalston theme does exactly what I want in the preview function. Nicely responsive, page wide, images against each other, etc but I can’t get it done. Who will help me?

    You can see that at:
    BUT is completely falling apart.
    What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance, Giel



    Hi Giel,

    As your site is not hosted with us on, we don’t have any access to the dashboard to check the editor and see how you have those pages configured.

    Based on what I can see of your site’s source code in my browser, it looks like you’re using cover blocks nested inside column blocks, and adding your images as backgrounds to the cover blocks.

    To have images arranged in a grid or side by side like that, I’d go with a gallery block instead, so see if that perhaps helps.



    Thank you. I analysed your structure and realised what to do. Your explanation with the presentation of the theme is for me to simple.

    I succeeded by the next steps:

    For the “Get Buckets”:
    1. Made a group with the class: wp-block-group alignfull has-foreground-background-color has-background
    2. Made in the group a cover block with the class wp-block-cover alignwide has-background-dim-80 has-foreground-background-color has-background-dim is-style-hover-reveal
    3. For the cover text a H-block with the class: has-foreground-dark-color has-text-color has-text-align-center margin-bottom-none
    4. For the text a paragraph bloch with the class: has-text-color has-text-align-center has-foreground-dark-color margin-top-none

    For the “Turn Off Subscriptions” and “Headless Astronaut Finds Their Head”
    1. Made a columns block with the class: wp-block-columns alignfull is-style-full-bleed margin-top-none margin-bottom-none
    And then the steps from above.

    Hopefully help for anyone else.
    You can see the result for a short time on

    Greetings Giel

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