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    Hi I’m trying to report a site hosted on wordpress but the online form when i submit the url acts like the site isn’t affiliated with wordpress even though it is.



    Hi Talmboutblackness,
    would you mind sharing the URL of the site you’re trying to report.


    this is the url

    as you can see if you scroll to the bottom, the page links to wordpress. The images embedded are also hosted by wordpress! And when you search the site via google the wordpress logo/icon shows up next to the link.

    thank you for responding!



    The site in question is not hosted on servers, and so has no control over the content on that site.

    They only host sites that have “” in their URL or say “Blog at” on the site. They have no control over sites that say “Powered by WordPress” and link to Those sites use the open source WordPress software and aren’t hosted by, so you should contact the appropriate web host with complaints.

    See hosting information on that site here:

    Please consult Ionos, the host of that site, with your complaints.


    okay thank you so much for taking the time to respond to me and give me all this information!

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