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    I have had my site for a few years and now want to change the name and add new blogs..
    1. need help with making sure the set up is right for how people can find it and
    2. also I have bought the domain is there a way to connect it?
    3. Anything else to make this transition
    4. Adding our other website to this page

    Site: Yes
    Correct account: Yes


    Hi there!

    I’m not sure if I understood what exactly would you like to achieve.
    If you want to add the domain to your site, you’ll need to map it. For that, you’ll need one of our paid plans:

    Full instructions for domain mapping are here:

    You also mentioned adding new blogs, like your other website to the site. What exactly do you mean by that? How do you envision this?



    In terms of adding another website to my wordpress blog site.. I mean.. I have a similar ministry to what I am writing about on this blog that I would like to link to.. is there a way to have that on my blog page that would stay on the page like you have at the top the name and tagline.. or somewhere permanent?



    Ah ok, if I’m understanding correctly, the best way for this is to have a separate site for the other organization.

    You can create a new site from

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