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    newbie here

    My url:

    I’ve a static front page and a link to a 2nd page called “posts”. This is where the blog posts can be viewed. I did this following the instructions from a FAQ article. As you can see we’re running loads of different community development projects. What I want to know is, is it possible for me to change the name of the “posts” page (that is shown at the top) to “projects”? As far as I can see, if I do this, then the posts will no longer appear on this renamed page. I’m scared to attempt this as I’m worried I could lose my posts if it doesn’t work (is that possible?)



    No, without the CSS upgrade it is not possible to rename that page.



    I don’t know why this wouldn’t be possible. You named the page to start with, right? Try it and see; you won’t lose your posts by trying.



    Well, you can change a template and it’ll say Home or something else. But you cannot change the name of the location of the blog page without CSS or picking a different theme. You can generally change the name of a static page easily, though.


    Hey, so I just renamed “posts” to “projects” and it works! It still links to Not sure why, but that’s what I want, so I’m happy! Thanks for the advice.

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