Removing white space under home page title in Gateway

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    Hi everyone!

    I’ve recently changed my theme to Gateway and have setup a static home page. I would like to have less white space between “home” (hem in swedish) and the content which greets the visitor. So less white space under the static home page title would be great.

    The url is:

    The blog I need help with is



    Add this to your existing custom CSS rules, play around with the margin value if you want to make the gap larger or smaller”

    body.home {
    	margin-bottom: 0.25em;

    Thank you halluke! :)
    That worked perfectly!

    Would you know how to reduce the white gap between the content text and the gallery underneath?



    It looks like you have an empty paragraph that’s causing the extra space. Try going to the editor and making sure there’s only one between the text and gallery. You might need to switch to the HTML editor and if you see something like this then delete it:




    Haha oops, I tried to include the code for a non-breaking space and it got converted into an actual space. It’s an ampersand, then the letters “nbsp” and then a semi-colon.

    Like this (hopefully) without the spaces:

    & nbsp ;


    I was actually scrolling thorugh the editor for the first time before you answered and noticed that the the code highlights its section on the page, but I didn’t dare to delete it before you answered, so THANKS AGAIN!!! :)

    Would it be possible to have a gap, but a smaller one?



    Yep, once you’ve deleted the empty paragraph you can set a margin just for the top of the gallery and set it to whatever looks best to you:

    body.home .entry-content .tiled-gallery {
      margin-top: 1em;

    Thank you once again!
    But how do I save the edit made to the source code? Once I close the editor all changes made to the source code disappears….


    Hm, I entered the css you suggested and it did the trick, without the editor being able so save the source code alterations :)

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