Removing header from one page only?

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    How do I remove the header from ONLY ONE of my pages?

    The blog I need help with is



    By header do you mean the header image? Or are your referring to the Page title?


    And which page?


    I mean the header image… I know how to remove it from all pages, but I am looking to remove it from just one of my pages, at this time. Potentially from a few, down the line, as I build up the site more. Right now, I want to take it down from the page titled “home” (which, at this point, is not my actual home page, as it still needs a lot of work)

    Also, if there is an easier way to remove a page title from a single page, outside of not titling it, that would be great information to have too – as there is a slight page break on that page right now, where I’ve removed the page title.



    If you look in the opening body tag on individual pages, you will see a list of CSS classes that are declared, and one of those is the individual page ID which looks something like this: page-id-257 . You can use that class with the general classes and IDs in the CSS to specifically target the styling on individual pages. The following gets rid of the header image on your page called “home.”

    .page-id-257 #header-image img {
    display: none;

    On the page titles, you can use the following to get rid of the page titles on all static pages you create., {
    display: none;

    And again, if you just wanted to remove the titles from some static pages, you would target them using the specific page ID class as follows.

    .page-id-257, .page-id-257 {
    display: none;

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