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    I need help removing a duplicate link that appears twice on one of my pages.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    On what page exactly does that link shows up and what’s the link so we can have a look?



    Thank you. The problem is under the heading ‘NOVELS’ on my Home page. The link entitled ‘2019 Colorado Gold Contest’ appears twice. I’d like only one link to appear. My web page is at


    I am not finding that duplication. Could you take a screen shot for me of what you’re seeing? Add it to the media library on the site and write back to let us know once that is done.



    I have added the screenshot to my media library. It should be the first image in the library.


    Thanks so much! I had a feeling that I wasn’t looking in the right area and I was right – haha – I was looking on the Novels page not the Novels section on the home page.

    It’s been fixed. Can you confirm?



    Yes, it is fixed. Thank you! Still have no idea how I managed to create a duplicate and definitely no clue how to remove the extra link. I marked this as resolved.

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