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    Hello –

    I bought a domain from GoDaddy and have redirected it to my wordpress site, but now instead of showing up when people go to my site, they’ll see in the URL. How can I get it to just show instead of adding the portion?

    Also, I already attempted to transfer the domain to WordPress, but received an error that the site wasn’t eligible to do so.


    The blog I need help with is


    Hello there, it seems that you’re trying to do a domain mapping. In order to map your domain registered with GoDaddy to the site hosted on, you need a paid plan to do so.

    Quoting the statement from this article:

    You will need an upgraded plan on your site in order to map a domain. Each paid plan comes with a free domain credit you can use to either register a new domain, or either transfer or map one you already own.

    I have added the modlook tag to see if the Staff can help you with this.



    You’re almost there!

    The domain, is successfully associated with your Business Plan and your domain is mapped correctly. The final step is to select it as your Primary Domain from the following page:

    For more on Primary Domains see our guide:

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