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    I need to remove the section where categories and tags are displayed from the bottom of each page and blog post.

    ie – “posted in – xyz” and “tagged – “xyz”

    I’ve tried a number of CSS codes found here but none seem to do the trick!

    The site is –

    The theme is – Confit

    Thank you :)

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi, it seems you’ve found something that works using:

    .entry-meta {

    Although one thing I did notice is that you’re using CSS to hide the attribution links in the footer which is against the terms of service. You will need to remove this bit of your CSS:

    .site-info {

    There are some new options for customising this section or even hiding it completely if you’re on the Business plan. If you need help styling the links to make them less obvious then that’s also possible.



    You should also test out your CSS changes on a phone or tablet. Your theme is responsive but some of your customisations have conflicted with the main theme CSS – check out media queries for a way of making your layout changes only affect screens of a certain size.


    Thanks for that. Yes, I played around with a few options and eventually got it! Have the deleted all the random ones now too.

    That was going to be my next question, it isn’t appearing well on mobile. I’ll have a play around and try to find a solution, any advice for a quick fix?



    Hi! Any chance someone could advise me on how to remove tags and categories for my own site? I’m using the Passenger theme. The URL is

    I’d be grateful for the help!



    In your theme the code you need is:

    p.taxonomies {
      display: none;

    To apply it go to the CSS section of the site customiser and copy it into the big text box. The CSS to use in most situations depend upon the theme so what you find for one theme will probably not work in another.

    One request for next time you have a question – could you start a new forum thread. It’s not a big problem this time (it is your first time here after all!) but it means that next time your answer won’t show up under a different questions, which makes it harder for other people to search the forum in the future. It also stops the other posters in the thread getting notifications about later replies that aren’t relevant to the original issue.



    I’ll go ahead and close this thread, too. Cheers, all!

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