Remove Space Between My Header And Search Bar

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    I have an area of white between the search bar and header, is there a way to remove it? My website is

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi @girlsinrap,

    Please put below CSS in to My Sites > Customise > Additional CSS

    .elementor-column-gap-default>.elementor-row>.elementor-column>.elementor-element-populated {
         padding: 10px;     <strong>Set Padding as per your requirement</strong>

    I hope it works. Good luck



    Hi there,

    Please contact live chat support for help with this, as I explained in

    If you’re specifically trying to alter something added by Elementor, you need to contact their support directly instead.


    The code you provided won’t work, as CSS cannot contain HTML.

    If you want to provide additional instructions along with CSS, make sure to add them on a new line, and wrapped in comment tags /*your comment here*/, or add them in your forum reply itself, AFTER your CSS code.


    Hi there,

    The code is below
    Set Padding as per your requirement.

    .elementor-column-gap-default>.elementor-row>.elementor-column>.elementor-element-populated {
         padding: 10px;     

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