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    I have created a blog for work – university of Tennessee. The blog is for news articles and we want to use the rss feed to plug into the colleges website. One of the issues I’m having is – when you click on a post it displays a section of information about the author at the bottom of the post. Can this be turned off? If yes, how?

    We are looking at also purchasing extra space and having adds turned off. We want the blog to look more like a web page – like it is an extension of our website. Is there anything else we should consider?

    Thanks in advance,


    Here is a blog page:


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    It is theme specific. Here is some info about how to remove the author info at the end of each post:

    You can enter some brief info in Users > My Profile > “About you”. But you don’t have to, and in most themes it won’t show up anywhere. In the following themes, however, if the About you field isn’t empty, your avatar and profile info will show up below each post (on the single post view only):
    Chateau, Choco, Dusk to Dawn, Duster, Elegant Grunge, Enterprise, Imbalance 2, Liquorice, Matala, Mystique, Neo-Sapien, Next Saturday, Pink Touch 2, Selecta, Skeptical, The Morning After, Twenty Eleven, Twenty Ten, Vertigo, Vostok.



    Thank you for you response. It is helpful.

    If I switch themes, will I lose what I have setup (menu at the top of blog, links and stuff along the side, and masthead at the top, etc..)?

    Thanks in advance,

    Kay LittleJohn


    If you switch theme
    a) The top custom menu might get deactivated: in that case you just go to Appearance > Menus and select it again from the Theme Locations pulldown.
    b) If the theme is a similarly designed one, the widgets stay in place. Otherwise they may move to Inactive, and you drag them back to sidebar.
    c) The header image won’t show up. You’ll need to re-upload it after creating a version in the dimensions of the new theme.

    But you don’t need to change theme: your question wasn’t how to display the Author info, it was how to turn it off. You just go to Users > My Profile, delete the info from the About You field and click Update.



    Got it. Thanks so much. I have removed the information in the About You field.

    I was wondering what would happen if I changed theme, in case I’m asked. At this point I will discourage it.

    Thanks again and have a great day,

    Kay LittleJohn



    I was wondering what would happen if I changed theme, in case I’m asked.

    Only some themes display an Author profile derived from the About You information on this page > Users > My Profile As you have removed that data it cannot be displayed if you change themes even if you change to one that displays an Author profile.

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