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    In the page, I don’t find out what I’m looking for.

    According to author’s comment, the post thumbnail should be showed up depending on several conditions.

    When generating thumbnails we try to keep them as square as possible. We will use the featured image if it exists, otherwise we will grab the first image embedded into the post. If neither exists we will use the post author’s gravatar if it’s a site with many authors otherwise we will fallback to using a screenshot of the actual post.

    but for my blog, some posts have no thumbnails in the “related” section. Yeah, indeed, they have neither featured image nor regular image. But, I have gravatar, that should be showed up, or the screenshot of the posts, right? I don’t expect the latter option, though.

    I suppose it is depending on the theme used by blog. Is it?

    Why there is no option for just show up the blog favicon as the fallback thumbnail images?

    The blog I need help with is



    Does consulting the detailed theme description page here help you?



    I’m sorry, but I don’t any clue there



    *don’t find


    Can you grab a screenshot of the related posts section of your site on a page where images do not show up? Upload it to your Media Library.



    Thanks! It looks like we’ve changed the way the post images work since that post was originally published. Now, if there is no featured image and no images in the post, we will not display an image in the Related Posts section and will instead include an excerpt from the post.

    Hope this helps!



    So, that is developers’ policy to do so, right?
    Then, is there any chance for my suggestion to be considered?


    I’ll pass it along!



    Thank you.

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