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    I wish sometimes to refer the reader of my blog to another (ancient) post as in (you may read here). What is the kosher way of doing it? Yes
    Correct account: Yes

    The blog I need help with is:




    I can see you already have related posts enabled for your posts, Is this issue resolved or do you still need assistance on this.




    Hi @dekoikismail,

    If I understand correctly, you wish to refer the reader to another older post you created. You can use links to achieve this. Please follow the below steps:-

    1) Copy the URL of the older post you want to link to your computer’s clipboard.
    You can do this by highlighting a URL, then right-clicking it and choosing Copy, or by using a keyboard shortcut like CTRL + C (PC) or CMD + C (Mac).

    2) In your page or post where you want to use, highlight the text you want to link. If you want to use you may read here, then highlight this text.

    3) Click the link icon that appears in the block toolbar as shown in the below demo:-

    4) Paste the URL copied in step 1st into the window that appears, then hit enter to save the link.

    For more details, you can refer to the link guide:-

    Hope this helps!

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