Recovering email address

  • I started a ‘website’ instead of a ‘blog’ with wordpress.
    Then I deleted the ‘website’ in order for me to use the same address for the ‘blog’ I wished to create.
    When I attempt to use the name it does not come as available?
    Do I need to wait for some time? Can I get past this immediately somehow?

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Hi @intentonunity,

    Just for clarification, do you need help with recovering an email address OR help with recovering a domain name (URL address) which you happen to delete but now want to use again?

    In the case that you need help with recovering an address that you deleted, the short answer is the following:

    For the most part, we cannot recycle or reassign site addresses (URLs)

    Related Documentation

    During the initial site creation process when first starting out with WordPress, you are presented with the options: Start With A Blog, Start With A Website, Start With A Portfolio.

    This particular step is simply to help suggest site themes for whichever type of site you decide on. Later in the process, you’re asked to assign your site an address (URL address).

    It’s important to understand that once you delete your site, the address you associated with that site cannot be used again.

    I think what you wanted to and should have done was to change your theme from a website-style theme to a blog-style theme, rather than delete your site entirely.

  • Thanks Pauloeaquino!
    You are correct in assumption about domain name, only realized my error post sending the question.
    Thanks for the very informative response!
    Answered my question 100%… :)

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