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    It would be really helpful to have a recipe card plug-in for all the food bloggers out there.

    The blog I need help with is



    Have you tried the recipe shortcode?


    Do all themes support recipe shortcodes?





    Hi there,
    I have some questions about the recipe shortcode which I hope you can help me with. I think I understand how to use it, but haven’t yet implemented it on my blog.
    1. Can I customise it ie: change the colour of the line under the recipe title (currently red); plus a darker outline of the whole recipe or a background colour that defaults to white on a printout?
    2. The printed version appears very different to my blog version ie: can thumbnail pics stay in the same place on the printout as on my blog page? Plus, it’s all in a different font and the title changes case. ‘Servings’ also becomes a bullet point. Would be great if the printout was exactly the same as the blog version.
    3. Once I’ve sussed out the right shortcodes and any CSS, can I embed my preferences in a ‘1-click recipe button’ on my New Post page, otherwise I’m going to have to type it all out every time (and remember it!)
    4. Last question. I’ve manually added my copyright source for the recipe. Is there a shortcode for this?
    Thanks very much.



    Starting at the end know that you cannot copyright any recipe.

    As for making any changes that are not stated on the support doc, see here for details on purchasing the annually renewable Premium bundle that contains a custom design upgrade required for CSS editing: Custom design – Frequently Asked Questions

    Note that once you have the required upgrade you can use this link so you can create a thread that will appear in the CSS Forum where you will get the help you need with CSS editing.


    Thanks for this.
    I already have the premium bundle, so I’ll try the last link. Good to know those changes can be made with CSS.
    Are you saying I can’t use the word ‘copyright’ at the end of the printout? I presume I can state the recipe source.

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