Recent problems accessing sites.

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    We are aware of some users having trouble accessing sites through certain ISPs, and are actively investigating the issue.

    In the meantime, you can try:

    – accessing your site through another ISP
    – accessing your site through a proxy
    – contacting your ISP to inquire about the issue

    We will keep the main thread above updated as we have more news.



    I wanted to update this thread and let you know that we are still investigating this issue, which seems to affect users of certain UK ISPs (Internet Service Providers) that are running blocking/filtering software, which is limiting their users’ access to Thanks for your patience while we work with those ISPs to look for a solution.



    When we investigated this issue, we learned that a number of internet service providers based in the UK are now blocking sites listed by the Internet Watch Foundation. IWF flagged a site hosted on; we took the site down (it was in violation of our TOS), but not before some ISPs blocked it. Unfortunately, the blocking was not done very well and some of our servers were blacklisted, preventing our UK users from being able to fully access their sites. We communicated with the ISPs and IWF, and expect that things should be functioning normally soon.

    We regret the inconvenience for our users, and are taking steps to make sure we don’t see a repeat of this issue in the future.

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