Reblog button has disappeared from blogs

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    We don’t know why it happened. Our developers are investigating the issue to find the cause and fix it. Once we have more information we will give it, as I’d said above.

    We’ll wait. Thank you.

    The button being missing in no way prevents you from creating new original content on your site,….

    I’m sorry but NO. I’m someone who ONLY reblogs stuff, not writing new one. This is the way my blog works. And I NEED the reblog button. I had almost 500-800 views PER DAY and now I have 250 for the last THREE days total. This is a huge disaster for me.

    and you can still share content from others’ sites using the Share feature built into the Reader…

    What is that? The only “share” thing I know except reblog is the “Press this” feature…?

    or the Press This feature:

    No again, sorry but NO. The difference is way to big. These are the differences:

    Reblog button procedure:
    Click the reblog button twice and the story ends here

    Press this button procedure:
    1) You click the reblog button
    2) You wait for a/the window to appear.
    3) You copy some content from the desired article
    4) You paste the content from the desired article in the window that just appeared
    5) You copy the title of the aforementioned article
    6) You paste the title in the title form in the new window
    7) You press “publish” TWICE
    8) You press the “X” button for the window to disappear

    Now tell me. Can you compare these two things? And especially when you blog is one that only reblogs posts from the political News timeline, ie., can you do this thing 40-70 times per day??? Sorry but no. OK, I can understand that you can’t solve the problem at once but please do whatever you can as faster as you can.

    Thank you and sorry if I make you to feel uncomfortable. This is not my intention. I just want you to know that we WANT the reblog button back.

    Thank you.



    I nowhere said Press This or the Reader’s share feature is the same as reblogging. I suggested those as alternatives you can use until Reblogs are fixed. If you don’t want to use those options no one is forcing you, but that’s what is available for now.



    Just mentioning that if you highlight the part of the post you want to copy before clicking the PressThis bookmarklet, the highlighted text will appear in the new Editor window.



    Kokkieh “seems” to have no sympathy for how a failure that WordPress is ultimately responsible for is affecting people…

    Sure, we ain’t paying for the privilege of using WordPress; but, then, no one’s really asking us how we feel about what WordPress does with the platform…

    Just guessing, but maybe some coders were trying, like they often do, to make WordPress “better” and they goofed…

    Sorry if that offends someone; my only excuse is I’m a writer and I can’t seem to not make up things when there is an empty page staring at me…



    Hello there, Staff have advised repeatedly in this thread that the missing reblog button issue is being looked into by the Devs and they will update here when they have more information to share.

    Until this is fixed you can use the Share button in the Reader, which allows you to reblog to your own site, or use the Press This button, as mentioned above, or blog your own original content. All of those options work.

    All the best.



    Just adding that since Staff have advised that they will update this thread when they have more information, you may want to subscribe to this thread by clicking on the Subscribe to Topic link in the sidebar. Cheers.



    I see that this problem has happened before. Just wondered when the reblog button problem (“bug”) is likely to be fixed, as it’s having a BIG impact on me, as well as so many of we WordPress users. Daily reblogging is a big part of my work. Hope it gets sorted out soon.



    It’s now Day Five. The ‘Share’ feature on Reader just doesn’t look good aesthetically when I reblog to my sister site. I think it’s hurting my views there. I know, it’s a “make-do” for now, but I’m really hoping this gets resolved ASAP. Thanks.



    I would really like to have the reblog button back. Why did it disappear? I hope we get it back soon.



    I would really like to have the reblog button back. Why did it disappear? I hope we get it back soon.



    Sorry about the double post. I hit it twice, sorry. I read through the comments here. I do not like the “Press This” feature because it is clunky and time consuming, and so I never use it. I do not want to have to go to my Reader to “share.” The reblog button is the most convenient and the easiest way to reblog someone else’s post. I certainly hope the reblog button’s disappearance is a glitch and is being worked on, and not another “improvement” that is not an improvement.


    WordPress has known about this problem for five days. Clearly, this bug has affected many, if not all, blogs using the platform. While I’m pleased that Happiness Engineers are “working on it,” I would appreciate more forthright communication and transparency regarding this issue–and issues related to it.

    That said, after being the “squeaky wheel,” a happiness engineer provided me with the following link concerning the engineers (and developers) efforts to resolve the problem:

    I plan to spread the word on my blog, as well.


    I would visit your blog and reblog the post but unfortunately …




    I looked at your link…

    If that’s all a “Happiness Engineer” gave you, they, in my opinion hung themselves…

    Unless I read it all wrong—it was only a long string of reports of the bug—not a thing about any insight into the bug or any efforts to resolve it…

    It’s beginning to smell like a cover-up…

    And, to be as fair as I can, if it’s not a cover-up, some “Happiness Engineer” should spread a little Real Happiness, real soon…



    Is everyone complaining here aware of how to manually reblog?

    It isn’t rocket science to create a post and backlink to another relevant post in it by using relevant anchor text.

    Please see Creating Links in the Visual Editor




    People are complaining because it’s going on a week that WordPress hasn’t, apparently, been able to fix a problem that has happened, I believe, in three other years…

    I don’t know, but I suspect that the “complainers”, as you call them (though I would call them highly concerned users of WordPress), know very well how to create text links…

    Yet, to offer the “solution” of a text link for the missing functionality of reblogging seems, to me, to be a misperception of what’s happening…




    I humbly apologize for using that word. I’m sorry the highly concerned users are inconvenienced by this missing button. I wondered out loud above if folks simply did not know how to manually reblog while waiting for a fix.


    An important function of the reblog button was to prevent others from being able to edit original content. The only thing that could be added was a comment when reblogging using that button.

    I shudder at the thought of having copied and paste with a link to my blog considered a “reblog” when that method opens possibilities of editing my original content. Additionally, unless the option is turn-on that the “reblogger” wants other blogs to be notified that there is a link to their blog elsewhere, the original content blogger will not know that their posts are being copied and pasted elsewhere.



    No one can edit our site content unless we make them official users of the site with Admin or Editor status.



    Additionally, unless the option is turn-on that the “reblogger” wants other blogs to be notified that there is a link to their blog elsewhere, the original content blogger will not know that their posts are being copied and pasted elsewhere.

    See here for enabling pingbacks

    Trackbacks are a way to notify legacy blog systems that you’ve linked to them. If you link other WordPress blogs they’ll be notified automatically using pingbacks, no other action necessary.

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