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    I blog since 2013 using your platform, I pay 30 $ each year to you for an ads free blog.
    I showcase my artistic work here on wp and have1000+ followers. This is the result mainly of MY artistic content and secondly the showcase YOUR Reader provides. Since YOUR part changed those parameters MY work suffers.
    First, my new post had a very noticeable decrease of views and likes.
    Many of my followers and viewers use your Reader as I do. Your idea of the ” improved Reader” is nothing more than the index page of a magazine, is full of flaws and doesn’t serve it’s purpose. It’s tiring, compressed and distorted. Many of my followers and potential viewers are skipping my cropped, minimized photo and I don’t like it.
    I put heart, effort, time and money and this is not to be taken lightly.
    Secondly, my artistic product, as everyone else’s is brutally mishandled, without my consent. Do you have the right to do that? I would like a straight answer.
    On top of the above, when I express my discontent , using the only way I have: leave a comment, I await moderation in infinity…
    I have gathered a lot of experience through the years I travel with you, since you’re pleasuring in surprising us with needless, retrogressive “improvements”; Ultimately your method is to exhaust us by not really listening to what we say, answering vaguely to our specific questions, neglecting the ones you don’t like.
    Additionally you are getting manipulative by forcing your recommendations, cutting valuable space from the blogs we choose to follow. The “Recommendations” button you had previously on the left side was efficient enough and above all not tacky. It was up to us if we clicked on it or not.
    Finally you managed to deprive the Reader users the pleasure of discovering new bloggers since you made their reading (and viewing) experience so time consuming, tiring and unattractive.

    All of the above are mentioned here and elsewhere by a very large group of people.
    I urge you to read carefully, without prejudice and amend this mess you created.



    As a paying customer, I object to:-

    The intrusion of unsolicited posts into my reader, as proposed by the WordPress Blog.

    The intrusion of my unsolicited posts into the readers of others, causing them annoyance.

    Any prospect of unsolicited emails from the reader.

    The distortion/cropping of my photographs.

    The reduction in sample size.

    The slower reader speed.

    The high-handed manner of this action without any prior consultation.

    The poor competence in its implementation.

    Any form of censorship, being contrary to the stated views of WordPress, the precepts of the free-world and the free-press. Particularly of dissenting views and the marginalisation of dissenters.

    The more we accept, without protest, the more we will be used without respect.

    More at-


    I wouldn’t care about cropped header photos etc., but I do care (a lot!) about the fact that AGAIN, just as with the last big update, the whole blogpost is shown in the reader, with a flat ugly design, instead just showing the first lines of text and a link to my blog with a paid for theme and the design and layout I prefer for my posts. It’s infuriating how WordPress obviously does NOT care about the negative feedback they got about this the last time, which got us the possibility to opt out of this undesired “feature”.

    I hope you’ll bring it back!


    I agree with cosgroveloretta. That has been my major complaint of the Reader. There really isn’t any reason for the bland page at all. If someone wants to read our blog posts they can click and go to the blog post.

    I do like the more condensed version in the new update of the Reader. Also have to mention that I like that the videos are not shown on the Reader feed (although they are still on the bland page).

    Just since the update happened videos are now a cropped photo lengthwise and no text whatsoever. When it first came out a few days ago it was like my other blog posts and looked good. So, changes are still happening.


    I agree with the complaints about photos being squashed into a thumbnail. That’s not only disrespectful to the photographer, to alter their work like that without their consent, but also a huge problem for those bloggers whose sites are intended to showcase their photography or their art.

    I also DO NOT want “recommended” posts inserted into my Reader feed. I think I have a better idea of what I’m interested in than WordPress does, and I can easily find posts on those topics without WordPress’ help.

    Once again, this is a change that WordPress has forced on us without any advance consultation, and without (as far as I can tell) the option to retain the previous format. WordPress’ high-handed and dismissive attitude towards its customers’ wants and needs is unbelievable.



    I have a photography blog and I mostly follow photography blogs and the new Reader format is not very visual at all. My posts as well as my fellow photographers, look terrible. They are tiny and/or header sized, and the additional thumbnails of gallery or multiple photos on a post, have gone missing. It’s really quite unattractive from a photographer’s eye. I’m not crazy with a lot of the recent changes but this one is one I think I will have a difficult time living with, and it is doubtful that I will renew my domain hosting here on WordPress after the first of the year when it is up for renewal. In all probability and after all these years together, it is seemingly time to move on.



    Why should any one other than the artist, author decide the format.

    Because the internet is about content and different people want to consume that content in different ways. The end goal is to get more readers connected with more blogs.

    My audience uses the reader, they may now chose to look at your summary and not my carefully crafted post if you reveal too much you give them no reason to visit my post.

    It’s not our summary, its yours! It comes directly from your content and we’ve worked hard to make sure everyone’s posts are treated equally. It makes sense that the audience that comes from using the Reader likes to see posts in the Reader. Without that, there would simply be less people who see your content. The Reader’s goal is to get more people to visit and read and see what you post.

    On the Recommendations: I am talking not about the recommendation placed in the reader but those at the bottom of my post as read in reader.

    Gotcha. I posted an update in may reply above!

    I’ve made notes of your other feedback and appreciate the discussion and hearing your concerns.



    I quite like the new Reader, it’s certainly an improvement on the old one.

    Thank you! We have made some changes based on past user feedback.

    If you’re going to have images it should just be one, not all or most of them, because some of us like to use photos to illustrate a post in a story style, so that the photos are a surprise as the post is read. Having them in the reader to start with gets rid of that surprise element.

    If you don’t want the gallery layout, you can use three or fewer photos, and your post will be in the default layout.

    Another point I’d like to make is about something that is lacking and that is the ability to mark a post in the Reader as having been read.

    I’ve seen a few similar requests and I will add this to the Reader’s feedback log for you.

    I’m also not keen on the extra posts from non-followed blogs, but mostly because many are so off my types of interest that I find them jarring.

    Aha, this is a great for feedback about recommendations. If you have time and can tell me what your blog is about, what you are interested, and a specific example of a recommendation that didn’t match for you, then I can take those details back to developers so they can have a closer look. In cases of feedback like this, it helps to have some super clear and specific examples to look at because otherwise it’s not very actionable feedback.


    The aim of everyone is to get more readers visiting their content on that we agree. What we disagree on is the fact that people make an effort to build their blog, design their posts, and with photography and art that is really important, when you change the crop, decide waht picture to show, add other information to what people see in reader or when they click in the title to see the reader version of the post you are changing their/my work.
    I have made the point elsewhere that unlike magazines who chose their content we pay to display our content, if as has been the case for a year on the IPAD, everything is horribly cropped and the reader photo is not the first in the post but one arbitrarily chosen by the algorithm Reader has affected the content and creativity of the blogger.
    I hope my concerns are now clearer.


    @grahaminhats, I found out about the comment you were referring to when you mentioned it in this thread and I reinstated it. I’ve made notes of your other feedback and appreciate your taking the time to post it.


    @pellymade, I’ve read all of your feedback on this thread and what I can do to help you here is assure you that the feedback is logged, that specific examples are helpful to me, and that I have heard and logged your feedback.


    @cosgroveloretta, thank you for the feedback about the full post design in the Reader. Readers can now click “Visit Site” at the top of the full post view to go directly to your site. There is also a “Visit” link on the main page at which does the same thing.


    @dandelionsalad, thanks for your note about videos. We found that too many embeds were slowing down the Reader and there are plans to add many of them back more efficiently.


    @fionamcquarrie, I appreciate that you included why you don’t like the recommended posts and I will pass the feedback along. I will also make a note of your feedback about photo sizes. Of course, no one is trying to be dismissive, and what I can do best to help from my position is to listen and log concerns and I am definitely doing that!


    In a response to someone else you said if you don’t want a gallery don’t post four photographs. Is this true? To keep our photos as we want them we can no longer post more than four photos?


    @faireunvoeu, thank you for your feedback. Regardless of whether you change hosts, online content can be viewed in lots of different ways (i.e. email subscriptions, mobile, reading apps, etc.). It’s good to keep in mind that the Reader is one of many possible ways people have a choice of when reading your blog. Changing hosts wouldn’t take that option away completely but it would make it harder for people who want to read your blog with the Reader to find it. I respect whatever decision you make but hope that you stay!


    In a response to someone else you said if you don’t want a gallery don’t post four photographs. Is this true? To keep our photos as we want them we can no longer post more than four photos?

    The gallery layout is currently triggered when there are four or more photos in a post. If you want to avoid that in the Reader, then one possible way to do that right now would be to use fewer photos. I am passing along the details for how the gallery layout in the Reader currently works. I don’t think it’s practical for you to change they way you post base on that, but I wanted you to be aware of the option in case it does happen to be something that will work for some people.


    If I post four photographs and they all appear upfront in Reader, fewer people will likely make that second click. You see my problem.


    Yes, I understand your feedback. What I can personally do to help is to make sure that feedback is recorded. Another thing I can do is help explain changes and work with you to offer possible solutions within the constraints of the updates in the short term. The way the Reader works may change in the future, as with many things here it is continuously being reviewed and updated! Hopefully, my presence helps the transition a little bit.



    Because the internet is about content and different people want to consume that content in different ways. The end goal is to get more readers connected with more blogs.

    So here is a thread full of consumers saying that they do not like the new reader format. And not much has changed despite this.

    This perspective of “consumer first” completely disregards the content creator’s right to have that content presented and distributed as they intended. If consumers do not like the way the content is presented by the creator, they have the choice of not looking at it. To put the consumer’s concerns ahead of the content creator’s concerns is a very misguided choice if, indeed, the Internet is “about content”.

    And if the goal of the new Reader is to get “more readers connected with more blogs”, the Freshly Pressed feature accomplished that very well. And it did it without forcing unwanted information into WordPress users’ feeds.

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