Reader Update

  • We launched a Reader update today.

    Your feedback is always welcome. Let us know what you think.

    Here’s the announcement outlining the update.

  • You’re welcome. :)

  • I was wondering if the layout is also available for a single WordPress site, especially for self-hosted sites as a theme.

  • I guess that’s why no posts show up at all, just a menu and a blank space – also when I click one of my tags.

  • As Colour Cottage I have a blank page today.

  • I am on Windows 10. My likes show up in the Reader but not my followed sites. I have just checked my Fire Tablet and there is no issue. My followed sites are showing up. I have tried both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. I have cleared out my history in both browsers. Still my followed sites do not show. Can you suggest a strategy to change this?

  • Indeed.

    (PC, win 7, latest Firefox)

  • Is it possible to follow a blog so that it shows in the reader without receiving emails? I am drowning in emails, and it makes it so that I don’t want to follow more blogs just because of the number of emails I know I’ll receive.

  • @birgitpauli, it’s not available as a theme! However, you can access a site directly in the Reader by clicking the ellipsis in the bottom right menu on a site and then clicking the “View Site in the Reader” link.

  • colourcottage, nijs1, unclebardie, thank you for posting about the layout and apologies for not seeing your notes sooner! I just tested with Windows 10 Edge 14 to make sure posts are working normally at and everything looks good now (which unclebardie also mentioned earlier). I will be checking back here periodically to help out if any other glitches pop up.

  • Is it possible to follow a blog so that it shows in the reader without receiving emails?

    It is! Go to and find the site you want to change preferences for. Click the arrow to the left of the site, and you should see an option to turn emails on or off for both posts and comments.

  • For those of us who run photography blogs, the new look is not good. I’ll add my voice to pellymade’s on the other thread (why was it closed, btw?) — our photos are now brutally cropped and/or squished into a tiny thumbnail.

    Not sure I’ll be using the Reader anymore if these changes are permanent.

  • The changes to the reader are visually disgraceful. I do not want the blogs I follow compressed in my reader so WP can shove their promoted blogs down my throat. My reader is supposed to contain the blogs I choose to follow, not the blogs WP wants me to follow. Blogs without photos get two lines and are easily overlooked in the new jammed up gimmish. Blogs with photos get their photos cut in half and their visuals destroyed. Many bloggers agree. See:

    Changes to WP Reader~

  • Have you ever considered giving us a heads up or perhaps a survey before implementing all these new ideas? I do not like the new reader or the new editor and let’s not get me started on the customer service hehe! It seems political and manipulative to give bloggers less content on the reader and insert unwanted recommendations ( especially for us seasoned writers). I pay money for my blog and do not appreciate less exposure and no warning.

    Keep this up and bloggers may take their business elsewhere. I love my community here, but honestly, if these “improvements” were in effect at the time I began blogging, I would have chosen another platform.

  • @designsimply
    Thanks for the replies but why did you close the other thread? How can we answer to all those replies from here? Anyway I’ll try…
    – You said WP now wants a

    magazine-like view

    but what WP designed is the Index page of a magazine, an infinite index page to be exact. WP’s novelty is … the thumbnail size, or banner like photo…
    Magazines don’t chop up their photos, they count on them to attract the viewer. And people don’t read the index page of a magazine, unless they want to find the page number of an interesting article.

    I’m not sure if it will help you, but I am a huge fan of keyboard shortcuts and you can use ‘j’ for next, ‘k’ for previous, ‘enter’ to open full post view, ‘space’ and ‘shift+space’ to scroll, and ‘esc’ to leave full post view. I know it doesn’t solve everything you mentioned, but it may help a little!

    Thanks for the info, I wasn’t aware off all these shortcuts, but what you wrote proves my point exactly: too many clicks!! 6 unnecessary clicks just for one post! Overwhelming… Before we simply saw the post and if we liked what we saw, only then we started to click. We even knew the number of photos of that post without moving a finger.
    It’s absolutely terrible for people like me who always want to explore and discover new bloggers vie the Reader, don’t have much time, love photography, wear glasses (I have a 28″ screen and still have a problem reading the miniscule titles on the chopped photo), use a desktop pc, tablets are too small and don’t have a smartphone…
    There are still many dinosaur bloggers out there you know…
    – It’s a tiny relief that WP is working to improve the photo chopping issue they created, so I’ll include some samples of screenshots of my photos in the Reader asking you this rhetorical question: Could that strap of a photo make you curious enough to spend your energy and click for a view?

    And one last remark. I totally agree with heartafire’s comment on the other thread:

    The changes to the reader is unacceptable. We try hard here to support Word Press with wonderful blog sites, please support us by ridding us of this terrible reader, is of little if no use to us, makes it more time consuming and a lot more likely to skip over blogs we follow. To include other blogs in more than one bracket is so distracting and confusing and outright insulting to the writer, photographer, artist…all of us. Please consider your members and correct this problem

  • Dear WP gurus,

    I prefer the old reader. I use the reader for the blogs I


    , and I know how to use tags to discover new blogs. I mostly follow photography blogs, so the new reader is much less desirable for me.


  • @pellymade is right. Proven fact, humans rarely click more than once. Ask google.

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