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    Wow, what a ludicrous change to the Reader. I use the Reader to *follow* blogs and to *decide* whether I want to read blog posts.

    Why in the WORLD would I want to read a blog post

    a) in a Reader popup window, instead of on the actual blog with, you know, the rest of the blog there,

    b) in a *smaller* window that uses less than half the real estate on my browser window so that I have to scroll twice as much,

    c) with a HUMONGOUS comment box including a HUMONGOUS gravatar taking up the *other* half the real estate on my screen, visible there all the time, instead of down at the bottom of the blog post WHERE COMMENT BOXES BELONG. Because, you know, it’s polite to read the whole post *and everybody else’s comments* before you open your own yap.

    Seriously, who were you people designing for?

    It’s ugly and broken. Throw it out. Or at least give us back the option to click directly through to the actual blog we’re actually trying to read.

    You won’t get any extra clicks from me this way: if this change persists, I’ll just stop using the reader entirely and follow blogs by email or twitter or something. I’d hate to do that, because the wordpress reader WAS extremely convenient, but it’s worse than useless now.


    gaudetetheology: Wow, what a ludicrous change…

    Totally agree.


    If we already have the WordPress apps for mobile devices that do exactly what the new reader does–provide a mobile-friendly way to view blogs–why was the change to the reader necessary? For Windows phones?

    People should be able to read blogs on their chosen device in a way that works for that device–mobile-friendly for mobile devices, and desktop friendly for desktops.



    …when I click the headline in the reader, I should be taken to the original post. There’s no reason for an intermediary step.



    The new Reader is cumbersome. The extra step of clicking to view the original blog is time-consuming and frustrating. Please return to the old Reader or make this new one an option.



    @jackiedana Forgive my skepticism but you guys have a very poor track record of listening to those of us who voice our concerns in the forums. I’ll believe you’re listening when I see real, tangible results.



    Clicks to open a post since I have pop-ups blocked,

    right click on title in reader (1) open in new window (2) right click on “view original” in pop-up (3) open in new window (4) maximize new window (5) right click on pop-up window in taskbar (6) close (7) click on window with article in taskbar from the reader (8)

    Read article

    Before it was; right click on title in reader (1) open in new window (2) maximize (3)

    Read article


    Cannot see the comments or comment on blogs.
    The comment box hides part of the post one is reading.


    Viewing your post in the Reader counts the same as a regular post view, your stats will be updated.


    Are you sure? Really sure? If so then my blog is broken becaue I’ve tested this and found it NOT true.
    Yesterday my friend viewed my blog posts multiple times in the reader (different blog posts) and there was no increase in stats. She could ‘like’ my post of which she had read the full text in the reader with no update on my views. She could comment from the reader and then, and ONLY then would it count as a view and it counted straight away. By the end of the day 12 hours later they hadn’t shown up and it’s after 4pm the next day and they’re still not here.

    We’ve tested again. I’ve changed my posts back to show the full text and she’s viewed three posts six times each (in the reader) and one post she’s clicked on to take her to the original post and that showed up RIGHT away. The referrer, however, wasn’t the reader, it was the id of the pop up box. I have had NO views today from the reader and yesterday I had one which I think was from the comment she left via reader.

    If it is true that all views from the pop-up box in the reader count then why don’t they? Whenever she actually views my BLOG that counts as a view.



    @ecumenicallife, the update can’t have been done for Windows Phones as the reader worked (in the wordpress app) on both my windows phone and my wifes BEFORE the reader was updated but has broken AFTER the update. The changes were clearly not tested on a windows phone so I doubt very much it was changed for them.

    The only vote on my poll in support of the changes has come from an iPhone user so my guess is that the change was only tested on that mobile platform. I see no need for it as the reader worked perfectly well for my windows phone before and it was quite capable of viewing the blog post IN the original blog environment. This change therefore makes no sense.

    I’ve found another problem with the reader changes, I use statcounter for my stats as do many others as it gives far more detailed stats information than WordPress (OS, device type, IP address etc) but the statcounter integration is via a widget. If I enabled FULL TEXT in the feeds so that people can read the full post in the new reader popup page then that popup doesn’t render any of the widgets and thus doesn’t update my statcounter stats. I have no option but to use SUMMARY only for the feeds so that I can take the user into the blog to capture stats information.



    Seriously, what is the problem if people people what to go the blogs for reading the posts. I don’t think its that difficult. It was possible a few days ago so you just have to go back to that. We love WP and just want few things to be the way it was. :)



    All of the above. (I can’t speak for the mobile owners as I don’t have one. I do have a toothbrush, though.) The new reader is a pain to use. And I don’t have the time to read new entries via email notifications, either.

    Suggestions for a new reader: a) direct links to the entries, b) smaller fonts and smaller pictures, so you can see more posts at once – and c) please remove the ‘reblog’ button.



    Not only is broken in all the ways mentioned already by myself and others, it doesn’t even show all the blog posts! I checked this morning, more to see if it had been changed back yet, but also to panic over all the blog posts I am missing (November is perhaps the busiest blog month what with it being NaBloPoMo remember! And NaNoWriMo and I follow several writing blogs) only to find only nine new ones since yesterday morning. This does not seem right, so I go to my list to check on individual blogs. I know my husband posted one since I last checked, which was not in this morning’s feed, and yes it was there when I looked at the feed for his blog. How many others are missing? I suspect more than half!!!!

    Jobs for today: check out Bloglovin’ and other blog readers…


    @ Knotrune. Actually that’s quite normal. I always scroll back a day or two to see what new posts – a couple or 10 – have appeared amongst the ones I’ve already seen…



    @colourcottage Yes, I’ve had that too, but it’s usually only one or two, not more than half the amount! I frankly can’t be bothered to check to see how many it is, this new format is just too annoying.



    Hating the new reader with the intermediary page. Please bring back the former functionality.




    I don’t think this is going to change back amy time soon :-(

    I found this old post of Timethiefs and it seems this development has been on the cards for a long time and was even known about by Timethief on her blog way back in August in her post here:

    You will find on that post the paragraph

    our Reader developers have let me know that the ability to display the full post from the Reader hasn’t yet been rolled out to all users, only some. They hope to launch it for everyone very soon

    I thought Timethief had remained quite quiet on this issue as it seems she has been doing exactly the same as me and setting the feeds to SUMMARY in an attempt to prevent people reading her posts ‘off blog’ so she can get her page views.

    Curiously I’ve just inspected the code on both the popup window and the blog pages and it seems the Quantcast stats hook is in both?? So it would seem that if a user opens up the window by clicking the blog title in the reader then chooses the view original post option they will record TWO page hits for WordPress. I’m not sure if WP then filter out the first before generating our page stats but basically my WordPress stats are now so far out of sync (almost double) my statcounter stats that it seems WP has been playing with ways to make their stats look better in order to gain more advertising revenue rather than any change being made for the benefit of us WP users. Sorry WP, that is just how it appears, especially with the lack of explanation from WP for the reasoning behind the changes.

    I’d like a full, detailed and honest explanation of the reasons why the WP developers changed the reader to work like this as I can see no logical reason to explain the change other than ‘exagerating’ stats? It makes the reader experience worse for every user group whether using PC, tablets or phones.


    Anyone know of a reader that will import the wordpress xml file?



    I would also like to see the like, reblog and follow options removed from the reader and everywhere else other than the bottom of the posts from within the blog itself. The current situation simply encourages spamming.

    If WP don’t believe this spamming happens then please read this post here of a self confessed spammer:

    In short he recommends:

    Like 100 blog posts (make sure they’re under 5 or 6 likes. (If it’s over 6, don’t like it)
    Leave 10 comments per day
    Follow 50 Blogs per day
    Dedicate 1 hour per day to completing this task.

    Now from reading that it is pretty damn obvious that particular person is not reading the blog posts and has no real interest in the bloggers or the subjects that he is liking. He is simply spamming to gain more hits from himself which will give him revenue from ads.

    The reader makes life SO easy for spammers as they can rapidly like and reblog lots of posts. If WP claim to be changing the reader to improve our life then not only should they roll back the recent update but they should REMOVE the like and reblog links.

    This would be a 5 minute job for WP developers and would please far more people than it would upset so why has it not been done??


    My stats have tanked, half the blogs I follow do not display properly requiring more work to visit. WordPress publicizes the fact that you can now colorize your dash board but there is complete silence on this arguably more serious change to reader. Some people, who disagree with the change, got a preview in August, all very confusing and worrying that the comments here are being discounted.
    At least explain. Paying customers at least deserve some word on why the change was made and how we are expected to work with it.

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