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    Some posts have a snippet of text but no link to click through to the blog to read the rest.



    It seems to have been made even worse this morning, now the silly large font title when clicked pops up the post in a window that doesn’t include the comments so now I have to click a second time on the ‘view full post’ link to get into the normal page to read comments etc. These recent ‘upgrades’ to the reader have ruined it. It worked beautifully before, was easy to use, fast and had pretty much everything I needed to see there at a glance. I really don’t understand why this has changed. It is making it so painful to use that it will put people off using it rather than encouraging more use.


    Why doesn’t WordPress tell people that if they want their photographs seen in reader they have to set “show full text in Reader settings”.

    Of course that defeats having your own crafted website if people can read your whole text in some pop-up.



    The WordPresss Reader is made unuseable by inserting a new layer which prevents from directly reading articles in the blog they belong.

    This apperars in Opera, Chome, Qupzilla both with Windows an Linux.

    Please put it back to how it was or give a possibility to open articles directly.


    Just been chatting to a fellow blogger – WE HATE THE READER CHANGES!!! HATE THEM HATE THEM HATE THEM!
    Where are the word counts? That was actually a useful feature. And now I’ve got to click twice to get to a blog? This does NOTHING to make it more user friendly, on the contrary.
    Please. Stop. This. Madness. NOW.
    Put it back the way it was. We beg you…!



    I am that fellow blogger and it’s true! The new reader takes away from the experience rather than adds to it. Having to click on a post only to see the first paragraph, then to click again is simply an annoyance. And I also miss the word counts. Please bring back the old reader!!



    I am another one that’s annoyed by having to click twice. And why does everything have to be so big?!



    The reader is now clumsy to use, not at all user-friendly. It encourages people to leave comments without reading the post, what’s the point in that? Now have to click twice to read a post and then again to close the window when you go back to the reader!



    I’ve just found that the new changes have made the reader totally and completely unusable on my windows 8 phone. Now when I click onto the post in the reader I get the new popup page appear but with no link to get into the post AND the new popup page doesn’t scroll so I can’t even read the bottom half of a long post!!!

    It is now impossible for me to use the reader on my phone whereas last week it was working perfectly. It is also now impossible for me to get to somebodys blog from the reader as clicking their blog link simply takes me back into the reader again.

    This is the most shockingly bad, poorly thought out and untested update that I’ve seen from WordPress in 3 years. :-(



    I might almost live with it if it weren’t for the fact that when the post you click on pops open into that window, and you close the window, it throws you back up to the top. IRRITATING!

    I follow a lot of blogs and I don’t like scrolling back down to where I left off each time. Huge time suck!


    Email notifications also include the entire blog post!



    I HATE the new changes to the Reader… It was great as it was…why change? Please make the blog title (not post title) more prominent again and bring back the word count. And I hate the image sizing in the new design.


    New reader is bloody hopeless with the extra click to view on original site. And a few of the blogs I follow are set up so there is in fact nothing to click to get there, I used to be able to at least mouse over and see the real URL, but nope, that info is gone too.

    I vote we start a thread recommending better readers, because I’m so going to abandon the WP reader after this.


    It’s getting worse. No pictures on some – meaning I had no way of clicking onto one photo blog at all – then giant pictures taking up the whole screen, and now opening small rectangle boxes to view a blog through?

    Do they know that not everyone reads things on tablets and i-pads?



    What everyone said.

    Not having the word count is like punishment for people who bother to carefully compose blog posts, instead of just dumping pictures like we’re on instagram or something.

    The pop-up defeats the purpose of giving thought to blog customization and degrades image quality. Nobody will care to click through to your blog.

    Not actually setting the featured image that’s been set as the featured image, but putting video up front or not even showing it if you don’t have the full-text in feed option set is a joke.

    Having only the one tag you used most often visible is highly misleading and senseless.

    What in the world were you guys thinking?


    @roundtableism I hadn’t even noticed the tag thing, but you’re right! Argh.

    And here I had been contemplating moving all my websites to WP to not have to maintain my own server on crummy bandwidth. But never mind now.



    Where is the word count?

    On Freshly Pressed, where are the names of the blogs? What’s the point of posting their avatars if you aren’t going to post the name of their blog?

    Above all, why are you trying to fix something that isn’t broken?

    This is pretty awful and you should change it back.


    Dreadful! Now the full post is shown, meaning people won’t be clicking through to blogs at all. And all in the horrible huge font – what’s the point of us trying to make our blogs look individual and attractive? Does WP listen to its users at all?



    I don’t like it. Please change it back.



    Please Change it Back… Why should you have to click twice to see something you have subscribed to read?? It was better the other way. I don’t mind the new look as much as I hate no word count and clicking twice to see something I want to read! Thank you for a great site. please change it back. Thank you thank you thank you in advance.

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