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    Another vote for not really enjoying this.

    One click is much more efficient than two.

    Where are all the tags and where is the word count?

    Last night, the reader kept showing me the same 3 posts over and over again.

    On a separate note, I can’t even figure out on how to get directly to my dashboard without pretending to make a new post and I get to it from there.

    I have friends using IE and they can only post in text at the moment.



    It seems like they have added the word count back to the reader and provided a direct link to the blog through it. Thank you for listening to the feedback and adjusting.


    Not seeing that yet. Fingers crossed.


    So you have to click on the number of words to get to the blog in another window, if there are no words you click on the title and get the pop up. Am I correct?


    @mudfun, I am aware the wordpress stats count each photo in the gallery viewed on the carousel as a hit. Each one has an attachment page. Perhaps I should get rid of the carousel. Then the attachment pages load and those are separate pages. Just how statcount works I don’t know. What I do know is Alexa ranks me around 360,000 in the world. That isn’t bad for an unknown web photographer who derives no income at all from photography. BTW, you can see the hit counter on my about page, it is past 1.3 million now. That and $2.00 will get me a cup of coffee. I do get a lot of nice comments, however.

    I have noticed some formatting changes in the reader. The age of the post has moved to the bottom of the entry. So, they are listening a little. As annoying as this is, somehow it will work out.


    The word count is back. YES!!!
    If you click on the word count from the reader, it takes you directly to the original blog. If a post on the reader is very short and does not have a word count to click on, then you have to click on the title or picture and would only get to the snippet….then click again to get to the original blog.
    Hopefully, the reader will continue to get back to being user friendly and aesthetically appealing.


    Its a bit esoteric, how many people will figure this out without explanation?



    Thank you WordPress.

    If there is a word count than a click at the count leads me directly into the article in the original blog.

    And now tell us why this was not possible for a few days. ;-)


    And we do not need to make our whole post available. I just changed that setting and my photograph showed.
    However, idiotically if you click on the title you get my whole post. Which is what most people will do.
    How is it intuitive to click on the number of words to go through to the post? Most people would expect clicking on the title would go to the post.
    Why do I need customizations if the majority of viewers will never see them.
    This is not a solution to our complaints, its a half measure.




    And, if there’s no word count, click the time in the lower left!!!




    Okay. I was happy to early.

    Only a few posts are listed … What have you done to the tool, guys?


    Has anyone noticed the “Related articles” at the bottom of their posts? Nice idea if I had actually been the one to choose them. Not sure how I feel about someone else deciding which of my other posts relate to what I just posted. Should this not be our own option?



    @deremil – What do you mean by only a few posts are listed?



    Thanks WP, you given a solution though still not the one which was required but this is welcome.

    Still a major drawback is the blog name at the top (left) in the reader which is very small in size,even the “following” (or follow) written under that is bigger in size.


    Its a solution only for those who know its there.
    1.Looking at he web on my phone browser I note many sites have mobile versions, and you get the choice to see the mobile or regular site. Wp has decided that most odour viewers should see the mobile site.
    2. Why should we customize our sites if the default view is not our customizations. In my case my photographs are prepared to be viewed against a black background.
    3. The sites are made by WordPress members, are the names of our blogs in micro-script.
    Yes we have a minor concession but what remains does not make sense to me, has not been explained to me or to those who use Reader.


    While I’m not overly happy with the new layout of posts in the reader (name of blog away from title and time for instance), being able to click on the timestamp for direct access (as well as being able to see the correct URL again – some blogs I follow don’t have a title tag) is enough to make it at least workable for me. I like to type in various search words sometimes, so I’ll keep the reader for that.

    I managed to import my blogroll at bloglovin btw – they show me the missing blog posts that do not appear in the WP reader, so between them I guess I’ll manage. It’s not the fault of wp that I’m not a purist and subscribe to blogs from other providers…



    @kraftbj : Thank you for listening to us.

    Good morning. I checked it just again and the list of posts in the reader is to short. At night I counted 24 and 35 posts shown in the reader while an external reader counted 57 unread posts. Now it’s a bit more but:

    » Sorry, there are no more posts to read but you can always check out freshly pressed! «

    And it ends 11 hours ago whilst I have unread posts up to 20 hours ago.


    @deremil: THAT is hopefully a temporary bug. I can normally scroll down “endlessly” and only get that message if I search for unusual tags where the posts are months between. (Such as Saori weaving for curious minds)




    It is now ≈ 12 hours like that. I knowm the staff is working hard to improve the reader. But we have to tell them where it’s buggy.

    Yeah, endlessly scrolling i hate in blogs (they are like books) and love in lists.


    Hey everyone and @mud4fun, Chris Altamirano here from,

    Just to clarify the post that I wrote regard the WordPress reader strategy, I am actually interested in the content that I like and comment on.

    I don’t condone spamming nor (and never will) be a spammer. The posts that I comment on and like are posts that I actually do read.

    Every single comment I’ve left has been a genuine opinion or praise of the bloggers work. I’m not going around commenting ‘great post’ and then nothing else.

    I do however agree with you in that WordPress could do something about those that are abusing the system. Such as clicking like on blog posts that have nothing to do about their topic, too many likes per hour, not enough quality in the commenting, introducing captcha’s, etc

    Hope this helps and clears up any misunderstanding!

    – Chris Altamirano (All-Tuhh-Murr-Aww-No)

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