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    Did the reader get changed or is my browser bugged? Restarting my computer didn’t change anything.

    Preview posts in reader are up to 3 monitor screens tall with the average being 1 full monitor screen. My mouse wheel is starting to smoke from all the scrolling down I have to do.

    Headline font is HUGE! Seriously, way too big. And the preview text from the article is double spaced and too big also.

    Additional word count is gone. Now I have no idea if there is an article there or just 4 more words.

    If the reader is working right is there a way to shrink it down to something more useful?

    The blog I need help with is:


    My font has definitely changed in Reader but the font size is fine but please bring back the word count. I have no idea whether it is worth opening a post or not from Reader without the word count. Can’t be bothered opening it just to find there are no more words.


    I’m guessing it has changed. And it is a mess.


    The font size is larger.
    I see fewer posts on my screen at a time (so for the same amount of scrolling, I’ll read fewer articles).
    There is no word count.
    Some posts that have pictures don’t show pictures (evidently, the pictures need to be very large to show in the reader).
    The tags no longer show above it to help you determine what to expect.
    It’s not clear if there is more text than what you see in the reader.
    The photo of the blogger has moved, so I’m spending more time trying to see who posted the content.
    Was this beta tested?
    Personally, I’m not liking it. I think it will lead to more frustration, more time wasted finding a post to read, and ultimately fewer posts read.



    I am sorely missing the picks with posts, especially from my photo blogger friends. I have to click on comments just to see. I posted a book review and the book cover image did not even show in the reader. I feel sorry for the author. My poet friends who went to great lengths to pair pics with poems, creatively, like wine paired with food….and now so bland. I don’t like this new image at all. I may have to go to another free blog.



    I’m totally disappointed with the changes in the reader, all the changes have hampered the experience. The name and the gravatar has gone up, which is totally uncalled for. Why the number of likes has shifted to the left hand side. Please provide an option for using the older reader


    If WordPress sent out a message informing us of the reader change – I missed it!
    Not impressed with the new look – the old font, photos & word count were great for choosing posts at varying times during the day. Short ones for the morning and longer for the evenings.
    Wordpress give us the reasoning at least for this change.


    I found another problem in Freshly Pressed if the title is slightly longer it is obscured by the bloggers avatar! Really…



    Three suggestions:
    1. Add word count.
    2. Add more tags.
    3. Larger text font.



    People are busy checking if they have done something to their computer because of which their reader is looking weird…shouldn’t there have been an explanation or a post( in the news or in dailypost)?



    My reader is doing the same thing. Is it possible there’s a bug in the system today?



    Looks like everyone’s covered the problems pretty good. I agree. Consider this a vote to go back to the old Reader.


    I agree with 99% of what is being question here in regards to the new reader. Some explaination as to why WordPress has decided to make changes may help our understanding. However, I much preferred seeing a word count, smaller font, the full gravatar/picture that goes along with the blog. It was nice to see at a glance if posts were reaching readers as I scrolled through the reader, that’s gone, too. Why is the name of the blog blocking a full photo, that’s just weird.


    The first thing I did was check if I’d zoomed in accidentally as one does sometimes. I prefered it the way it was. If you want to improve something I suggest that you let the reader return to where S/he left off when going into a post rather than having to scroll all the way down again to find the next one. That would be incredibly helpful. I not one for complaining much and the wordpress team do an excellent job. But, these changes, were not the best I’m afraid.


    Some of the changes I am happy with. My regular followers know the vast majority of my posts have photos, and today I am still getting about the normal amount of hits by this time. I do not want people to view the bulk of my posts via the Reader, thus have no purpose for coming to my blog itself.

    The blog title, though small is at the top of the post with a space in between each entry, clearly showing which blog they belong to.

    It’s not clear if there is more text than what you see in the reader.

    The word count is something I would like to see come back.

    This is one thing I wonder… With another change to the Reader, why has the ability to click Like not been removed when Likes are disabled on blog posts? Since this can be done for posts with disabled comments, surely this can be done for Likes.


    I don’t like the changes, sorry.



    I don’t like the reader changes at all. Nothing about the changes makes my reader experience better. I want smaller fonts on the post titles, word counts, and the pictures back! With the new reader I have no idea which posts I want to read, so I’m not reading any of them.

    The current reader makes me want to leave.



    NOTE: We can all change the size of fonts on any site we visit on the internet quickly and easily so that’s not an issue for me.



    I can live with the font changes. (Don’t like them but I can live with them)

    What concerns me more is the lack of pictures, word counts and other information missing from reader views.


    Posted this comment in another thread so repeating it here in view of other comments above

    “When no image is displayed it takes away a good deal of the value of the Reader Page. Why when images are there as per normal are they not always shown”

    I really do not like the arbitrary loss of images…it kills the feel of the reader

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