“Read this entry, which has x words…” – how is this done?

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    Hi, everyone.

    On quite a few WordPress blogs, I’ve seen post previews where the jump says “Read the rest of this entry, which has 237 words, 2 images, and will take 2:50 to read.”

    What plugin is this? I know that you can cut a post off by using the ‘more’ tag – I’m asking about how you can include the words/images/reading time information when you do that.




    If you’re talking about plugins, you’re not talking about WordPress.COM blogs but WordPress.ORG blogs, and you will need to go over there for support and advice. Our answers won’t apply to you.



    Thanks – I finally did find out the name of the plugin, and it’s listed on wordpress.org like you said. It’s called Post Teaser. The URL in case anyone else wanted it: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/post-teaser/



    Nobody here can even use it, unfortunately.

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