Radcliffe 2 – Font Selection with Customizer Flashes

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    Q about selecting a font from Radcliffe’s list of alternate fonts. Pretty well every time I switch between pages (on a laptop, iPad/iPhone seem fine) I can see the default font flash on before it loads the alternate font I selected in customizer. Is this more of a Radcliffe 2 problem, or am I going to run into this with most themes (free plan), or perhaps is this simply because I’m logged in when I’m looking at my pages?

    I like Radcliffe 2 stylistically but this is problematic. If I pay and customize the CSS will I be able to remove this default font loading relatively easily?



    It is not related to theme but with custom fonts.

    Please see the staff reply in the below thread

    “With custom fonts, content is displayed in the theme’s default font first, so readers can start reading right away, even if they’re on a slower connection. This means there may be a flash of a different font before the page finishes loading, but we think overall this is better for folks on slower connections than seeing a blank screen.

    If the effect bothers you greatly, you can stick with the theme’s default fonts.”

    Hope that helps.

    Thank you.

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