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    hi, im having trouble putting pictures side by side in one of my posts. Its a food post, so i want to include lots of pictures, but right now i can only put them one under the other leaving lots of empty space by the side that just looks awkward and ugly. How can i put pictures so that they appear side by side in the post? Ive tried making them smaller but then it just goes a weird pale color when i click off of the picture and shows up as under the other picture in the preview and not side by side. (i havent posted it yet, so this post isnt be on my blog yet.)


    The blog I need help with is antlersandskylights.wordpress.com.



    Me too. Is there any gallery function in free WordPress?

    But in trying to answer my own question I went into plugins under My Site.

    From there I found that something called Advanced Galleries was tick as Active (I’m on free WordPress.com).

    This took me here


    I’m just about to try it…

    Thanks for the help!



    *ticked* not *tick*



    It works!


    @antlersandskylights, give the Gallery @solihullrog mentioned a try and see if that will work for you.

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