Pushing Scottish Gaelic to live?

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    We’ve been beavering away at the Gaelic translations of .com and have just about reached 25%. I remember someone saying that we don’t actually have to reach 100% before the language goes live and I was wondering what the cutoff was? Looking at http://en.wordpress.com/languages/, some languages seem to be listed which have a very low % of strings translated.

    Just trying to figure how the process works on .com so we know what to expect.





    Hi there, thank you for your hard work, I see that you’ve been busy translating away! I am checking into this for you, so that we can make your translations available to all Scottish Gaelic users.


    Thanks – slightly confused. Do you mean you’re checking in this translation (i.e. putting them somewhere so they will be available/active) or did you mean that you’re looking into how to do this?



    Sorry about the confusion! I meant to say that I was going to check why it was not showing up. I did, and now it works – you can select “gd” under Users > Personal Options and view your site in Scottish Gaelic.

    Thanks for your help and for bringing this matter to our attention!


    That’s great, thanks very much :)


    One last question – I assume that there’s a mechanism that automatically checks and pulls new/changed translations. How often do the live strings get updated? Just so we can timeplan our proofreading of live stuff.



    New and updated translations are deployed manually rather than automatically at this point. It happens once or twice per week, for languages that have over 200 new or updated strings. I hope this helps with your planning!


    It does, thanks very much, you’ve been very helpful!

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