Purchasing Jetpack with WordPress

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    Hi :)

    I want to purchase the jetpack for my site. But I want a ‘WordPress Personal’ pack with a ‘Jetpack Personal pack’. Can I install it to my site? Or only the ‘wordpress business’ pack owners are eligible to do that? My site is hosted at wordpress.com.
    If it is possible, I will buy it. If not, than I can’t afford it.

    Thank you for your answer! :)


    Hi –

    When using the managed hosting environment from us at WordPress.com you do not need to purchase Jetpack additionally. It is actually built in to our product. Does that help answer your question?



    But it contains only the free jetpack features, right?
    Or the daily backup is included and I can export my whole site? Not just the database.


    We automatically backup your site, however, if you’d like to have more control over it and be able to download backups from your site, on WordPress.com you’ll need to consider Plan Business.

    Have a look at all its features to see if it’s what you were looking for:


    Let me know if you have any more questions regarding that.



    Thank you for your replies. Both of you! :)

    So if I have a wordpress personal plan, the wordpress have a backup of my website, and they can restore it if anything happens. (for eg.: I can request to restore my site to 5 days before?)

    But with business plan, I can do that in every second. (downloading all the website to an usb storage for eg.)

    Than I should saving money to purchase a business plan.

    Thanks for your help! :)


    That’s correct. In order to have full control over the backups of the site you would need to have a business plan.

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