Puglins para Editar una cifra numérica diaria

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    Hola, estoy intentando hacer un web de Casa de Cambio y necesito un plugins que le permita a mi editor solo cambiar los números de la tasa actual sin necesidad que entre en el Editor de Pagina ya que no cuenta con mi mucho conocimiento. Necesito hacerle la tarea sencilla al editor.


    Hi there,

    I checked your site and it appears you’re in the wrong forum. Although your site is connected to WordPress.com via Jetpack, it is using the open-source WordPress.org software and you need to seek help at these forums:


    These forums are for WordPress.com-hosted sites only. Since we do not have access to self-hosted WordPress.org sites, we are unable to provide any direct assistance to your issue. I would also reach out to your site host for help.

    If you want to know more about the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org you can read this document:



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