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    I would like to set up a poetry site on where I can do the following:

    1. Publish poems as text or images
    2. Publish audio and/or video files directly from iPhone that will let users listen to the poem as audio stream (not as downloadable sound file). Sound stream should be possible to be played on phones and PCs without users having to install anything. Text and sound should be connected in one post, so as to not confuse users.


    a. Can I use any template and combine it with a plugin for the audio, or will I need to have something tailor made?
    For starters I don’t need anything fancy in terms of design, and not much functionlity other than posting poems in text and audio (maybe video) with comments possibility.

    b. Where can I find (for poets…) affordable help to set it up? I understand this will require some work and I’m willing to pay what I can afford. I have been settign up osme 6-7 WP sites in the past and know a little html (no RSS or design, though), but it’d be great to find someone out there who could help.

    The blog I need help with is



    Somebody will correct me on this if I’m wrong I’m sure .. so here goes :

    a. You can use any “theme” for text, images and youtube videos for free. You could also do audio via soundcloud

    If you want to put video (eg mp4) and audio (eg mp3) direct on you site then you would need to pay for a premium upgrade at $99 or a business upgrade $299

    My suggestion would be use soundcloud or similar and youtube, these solutions have worked fine for me.

    b. Whilst I am a web designer myself, this is a community support forum and I’m fairly sure it’s against the rules to be recommending people to work for you. So I can’t for this reason answer this question for you.

    Lastly, I would say that if you have setup WordPress sites before then you should be able to do most of it yourself. There are excellent help documents at –

    And “learn” site here –

    Hope this helps


    Don Charisma



    PS, forgot to say that all sites have commenting built it … and sharing for social networks like twitter and facebook.


    Don Charisma

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