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    I cannot publish that I’ve registered a week ago.
    The same is true for the other 2 I registered same day, and

    How can I check the status of these sites and how do I finalize the publishing process?

    Thank you,


    Hi –

    Thanks for getting in touch. I can see that there is 1 post published on but the post is set to private status. It’s not going to be visible for folks that do not have proper access to the site.

    The entire site is set to private status. To change that, you just need to update one setting. Those instructions are here:

    Is this the problem that you have been encountering? If not, please share a bit more information with us.


    I still have the same launching problem with and

    It doesn’t show the free wordpress site option when I’m trying to launch it although that is how I started the signup process and I do have access to the dashbord via



    When you launch, you’ll be offered some recommended custom domains, in that list, the top option will allow you to continue for free with your free domain.

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