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    Excuse my second newbie question (finding detailed pre-sales info on the site is difficult to say the least.)

    I want to be able to offer my visitors some downloads if they sign up to my email list. Once they have signed up they will have access to all of my downloads and not just the one they initially wanted.

    Does this need a membership plugin or is there something already suitable in the Premium package? Or will I need to find a hosting solution elsewhere where I can install plugins


    The blog I need help with is




    finding detailed pre-sales info on the site is difficult to say the least.

    Thanks for that feedback. And you’re welcome to ask all the questions you’d like.

    Membership plugins are of course designed for a smoother experience, but it is possible to have a membership area. We recommend using a separate site for convenience:

    You could also make individual posts and pages private or password protected, and add people so they can view those. But that wouldn’t necessarily stop people from downloading your stuff if they have a direct link.

    Hoping this helps! Again, feel free to ask all the questions you like. And I’ll chat with our team about gathering some presales information in a more accessible space, too.

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