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    Hello Dear WP

    I do often see that many among us are just copy and paste images without referring to artist or maker.

    Although WP is covered by an DMCA legally , I would like to make a proposal . Maybe you could consider this . Maybe it is act of naivety of myself , But at least I made this proposal to support.

    Could you not add a field as a mandatory filled in on every post . This is referring to the author of such a post. It works more preventative and educates new users of this blog to realize what it means for an artist if they copy paste.

    I motivate my proposal because recently I ve noticed that many people do not know what © means. You could see it as an act of prevention and goodwill of WP to educate and bring the policy into practice

    Further , your policy does only says that when your own work is infected you have the ability to address this by DMCA . But your policy says nothing about other artist whose work is used without making any reference to it .

    To make this all clear, I am not feeding WP with cases to act upon, I am more a messenger for moral aknowledgment . The latter is something WP could consider if feasible to program of course. So we all contributing to gain the insight what is means “the respect the artist deserve”. In my opinion

    What do you think , makes this no sense ?

    It is a proposal of course , nothing more or nothing less . cheers to all of you , Bart

    The blog I need help with is



    Thanks for the suggestion, Bart. The majority of our users write their own posts, and forcing them to specify an author every time (when they are the author) would not be a good experience for them.

    We do have these suggestions for protecting copyrights, though:

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