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    The short of it is: I just want to get a clean and complete import from Tumblr to WordPress.

    I have no idea if you can reset the process for me, if it stalled and that’s a fix you can apply to this situation.

    But, if you want to know more…

    There were a few months since my last full, successful import from Tumblr, decided I would do it again to add the new posts to WP.

    What wound up happening is me getting a lot of duplicate posts and media items, after being told my import was successful.

    I tried to go through the duplicates and individually delete them. Noticing broken post links and image links in a lot of them… but that became untenable. So I decided to just delete all my WP posts and media (for this blog), with intent to just starting over with pulling the Tumblr posts.

    I’ve tried a couple times to import, which ended with only 2 posts carried over upon “import was successful”. I tried disconnecting/reconnecting with Tumblr (both here and there), thinking maybe that would help… but I think that might’ve made the problem worse, without clear indications otherwise.

    Thank you for your time.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    I’ve reset the importer so you can try again. Please let us know if it hasn’t completed after 24 hours.



    I tried to import the blog shortly after this response.

    But it only ran for a few minutes and successfully carried over 6 posts before saying it was complete (both via email and admin menu).

    Did it a couple more times, with no new posts copied and roughly the same duration (~30 minutes).

    Even though the third/last time I tried yesterday said it was completed, I decided to wait 24 hours… hoping that maybe it was going to work. Unfortunately, it didn’t.

    Please let me know what else can be done (would doing something like clearing the WP cache help?), and thanks for the response.



    Hm, it shouldn’t be required, but are you leaving the browser window open while importing?

    Otherwise, I’m not seeing anything out of place, and I may need to ask a developer to take a closer look.



    For the first attempt, I suppose I had not been leaving the tab opening, was under the impression that it was going to be running in the background (WP-side).

    The latter 2 attempts, I did receive the “Import finished” indication a few minutes after initiating it, while the tab was active the whole time. Should I try it again, while leaving it open (even after another indication unexpectedly fast/premature)?

    In case they are needed, thanks for reaching out to a developer (in addition for your time). I hope a solution can be found.

    (I do apologize if I made errors in handling the importing process that may’ve contributed to the issue.)



    The import page in the dashboard does not need to stay open while the import runs – the process continues in the background even if you completely shut down your computer, as the process happens on our servers, not in your browser.

    I see 659 posts in the Trash folder on your site. Are those posts you previously imported from Tumblr?

    If so, that’s why they’re not importing again – posts in the trash still count as “on the site” as far as the importer is concerned, and it won’t import any post that it sees as already on the site.

    Delete those posts from Trash and start the import again, and it should work.



    It took awhile to clear the Trash folder and running another import to completion. But I can report that mostly everything carried over successfully, now!

    (I just needed to fix a few broken images and invalid post addresses… but all the relevant media did get in the WP folder. Which was manageable.)

    Your explanation made a lot of sense to me – reminded of how on PCs’ deleted files are never really deleted immediately… just marked for overwriting. It might be worth mentioning this sort of thing in the relevant Help articles?

    Regardless, you all have my gratitude!



    Yay! Thanks for letting me know you managed to get the import to complete :)

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