Problems embedding iframe code into a page

  • I was successful in embedding “copying” the html code from google calendar into my page. But cannot get the iframe code to work from a different website / source. What make google’s iframe code work and someone else’s not. Note: that when I copy the other website’s iframe code onto the page and then click on the update button; the result is that wordpress just sees it as text. But doing the same with google’s iframe code, wordpress converts it (and of course it works). I am confused.

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Are you following these instructions?
    We cannot embde other iframes into free hosted blogs. The software will strip the code out.

  • timethief –
    Yes I did read all of these instructions. As I was explaining, the google-calendar works beautifully; and as I understand it, google calendar is iframe code (when you actually look at the code from google it is iframe). But (here is the confusion) wordpress states at that iframe is NOT supported. So I am a bit confused, since google is iframe code based and it works but the iframe code from my other source is not supported?? Just confused.
    Is google coding iframe differently and can someone tell me what they are doing differently so that I can change the iframe code from my other source so that it will work????

  • <iframes> are not accepted and they still aren’t. However, certain types of <iframes>, such as Google Calendar, are automatically converted by into codes that do work here. But if you try to modify the <iframe> yourself before converts it, it may not work at all.

  • It’s like the difference between a party by invitation and an open party. is an open party; any code can come and play. is by invitation only, for security reasons.

    I have tried to embed iframes, even with staff help, and not succeeded. It was for a charity project, and I’ve been blogging here six years and answered over 12,000 questions in the support forums, and no, even staff and I working together couldn’t get it to work if the iframe in question was not approved, the way Google Maps is.

    Unfortunately, more and more platforms are switching from Flash code to iframe so they show up on mobile devices and tablets.

  • Thanks everyone for the clarification. Very much appreciate the time taken by all in responding. I am going to moving over to and will try the <iframe> code there!!!!!

  • @roseneathvacationrentals
    You are welcome. Here at we are all on the same multiuser blogging platform so security is an issue. As self hosted blogs are free standing sites the only security risk in using iframes on them is to your own site.

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