Problem with Updated Posts appearing in News Feeds

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    We have been going back through all of our old blog posts and adding tags (which we forgot to do when we first published the posts). Everytime we add tags, though, our subscribers are seeing the post as a “new” post in their RSS feeds. This is a problem because we have been tagging about 25 blog posts per day and it is overwhelming their news feeds with “old” posts. Is there a way to change some setting so that this does not happen?

    The blog I need help with is



    That shouldn’t be happening unless you’re also changing the URL of the post. I’ll flag this for staff attention.



    Hi there, I’ve had a look at your feed and it seems to be in chronological order:

    Would you mind letting me know:

    – two or three examples of old posts that are coming through as new
    – what specific service(s) are these readers using to view the feed? Some third-party services may be set to notify users of any change to a post, which would explain why they see it a second time after tags are added.

    Thanks for your help.

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