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    Hello. My blog is I want to show only an extract of the article, and after that, something like “Read more” or “[…]” linked to the full article, but i don´t know how to do that. Can somebody help me with that? My theme is connections.




    When you’re writing the post there’s a button that says “more”. At least, there is with the standard write window. With the rich text editor you’ll need to put in <!--more-->

    When you want to insert the break, hit that button and then finish your post. When you save or publish it you will only see the first part of the post.

    This post from the dev blog might help too:





    There is one probelm with using the “more tage” which amy or may not affect you. The rss feed readers will only pick up what it written prior to the “more tag”.



    hi my blog is the fonts on my comment section are too small, and there is no option for cut and paste so that when one wants to quote something he can’t. please help, my e-mail is (email redacted)

    [Link fixed. Please note that adding in the ‘www’ in this case breaks your link for 30% of the internet – drmike]



    Sorry, don’t do house calls. Your question gets answered here in the forum just like everybody else’s does. :)

    All browsers have an option to make text larger and smaller. For IE, it’s holding downing the Ctrl button and using the plus/minus buttons on your keypad or the mouse wheel of your mouse. You can also purchase the CSS upgrade and edit the settings as well. Please remmeber that these themes are shared so that something that may be small to you is too large to someone else.

    Hope this helps,

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