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    Hi everybody,
    We have a blog on wordpress for quite some time, but we’d like to make a few modifications at the moment. We’re changing the design for starter.

    We like the Baskerville 2 one, but we have a problem with the header.
    We have created a header especially for the blog, but it appeared a little grey-ish after validation (as you can see on the blog).
    The background is normally white.

    Do you have a solution to solve this problem ?
    I think it’s because we should normally use a image just as a background, and use the tools of personnalisation to write the site name and the description on top.
    But we’d really like to keep the header we made.

    Thank you in advance
    Cross Over US

    The blog I need help with is




    Yeah, it seems to be the solution !

    But, i don’t see how i can access the css editor. It doesn’t appear in my site customizer ?



    Oh nevermind, i just see that you must have a Premium or Business WordPress to have access to the CSS…

    Thanks for the reply, it seems that we’re stuck sadly :/



    @crossoverus: I’ve submitted an enhancement request to the theme’s author, in which I requested an option to turn off the darkening effect.

    The effect is in place to improve the contrast between the image and the text overlaying it, so that the text is easier to read. I can understand your point of view and that there are times where it isn’t needed, though!

    Although I can’t guarantee that the theme’s author will act on the enhancement request, we’ll keep track of feedback such as yours and it’ll be considered in the future.

    Thank you for leaving your feedback!

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