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    hi everybody. i’m strating to go crazy……
    over lorell’s site i’ve come across loucypher’s technorati tags button userscript which i installed into the greasemonkey on my firefox ( unfortunately i’m not getting the promised “tag” button in my post-menue. i’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the monkey as well as the script, emptied cache and cookies, restarted firefox and the computer (mac powerbook) but nothing seems to work – i’m not getting the button. has anyone of you had a similar problem or can tell my where the bug may be? thanks a lot for your help. i want that tags button so bad :-/



    Have you contacted loucypher? Did you check teh comments on that page that you link to? It may be covered. I can’t check for you since I’m on a locked down terminal here and can’t open up a new window.



    okay. i figured out a solution that works for me now.
    i reinstalled the monkey without the script and created a new script by copy-pasting loucyphers script. i then repaced all the “*” in the “@ include” lines in the script with my blogname i.e.:
    original scriptline:// @include https://*
    modified scriptline: // @include
    i couldn’t get a hold of loucypher – didn’t find an email or contact adress :-/
    i assume this is not the way it’s supposed to work, but for some odd reason it doesn’t work when i download the script directly to the monkey (neither does any other script downloaded directly). i had to copy-paste it and modify the lines myself…… but now it works and i finally can tag my posts :-)
    maybe someone else had the same problem or even a “correct” solution to this one. cheers!

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